Moogsoft AIOps On-Prem Trial

Dave Casper | Tuesday August 22 2017

Try the Moogsoft AIOps On-Premises Trial in Minutes!

Moogsoft AIOps On-Prem Trial

When you sign-up for a free Moogsoft AIOps trial, you can select a Cloud Trial or an On-Prem Trial.  Both are delivered as pre-configured Docker containers.  For Cloud Trials we host them on our cloud.  For On-Prem Trials, you download our Docker trial image and run it on your own Docker engine.

For the Cloud Trial, you basically need to supply your email address and we take care of all the rest and provide you with a URL link to your trial.

For the On-Prem Trials, there are just a few additional steps and this post walks you through those steps.

Moogsoft AIOps On-Prem Trial

The first step is to install the Docker engine on your own desktop, laptop or server if you don’t already have it.  We recommend downloading the Docker Community Edition.  You can find the download for all major platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, AWS, Azure) here.

Docker for Moogsoft AIOps

Follow the Docker-provided instructions for your platform to install the Docker engine.  It usually takes just a minute or two.  An example screenshot for Mac is shown below.

Docker for Moogsoft AIOps

Once you’ve installed the Docker engine, you are ready to pull the Moogsoft trial image and then run it.  These steps are done via command line.

The first step is to create a small text file named config.json in a folder named .docker in your home directory.  For example on a mac the full path filename would be something similar to: /Users/dave/.docker/config.json

This file contains the username and password that you’ll need to be able to download the Moogsoft trial image.  This content is provided to you by Moogsoft when you request an On-Prem Trial.  An example of the contents are shown below:

    "auths": {
    "": {
        "auth": "ZGNhcb&****NOTREALyoCCCGFbmU=",
        "email": ""

Once you’ve created this file, you are almost there, just two more steps:

1. pull the Moogsoft AIOps image
2. run the Moogsoft AIOps image

To pull the Moogsoft AIOps image, run docker pull moog/saas:latest as shown in the screenshot below:

Docker for Moogsoft AIOps

To run the Moogsoft AIOps image, run docker run -it -d -p 443:443 moog/saasas shown in the screenshot below:

Docker for Moogsoft AIOps

That’s it, you can now open your browser and browse to https://localhost and you will see the Moogsoft AIOps UI.  (You can safely ignore any browser complaints about self-signed certificates, this is just a trial and you aren’t connecting over the internet, you’re just connecting to a locally running instance of Moogsoft AIOps).

Sign in with username admin and password admin

You are now running your Moogsoft AIOps trial.  Follow the in-app tutorials to learn more about using Moogsoft AIOps!  Have fun enjoying the future today!

Moogosft AIOps On-Prem Trial

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

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