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Moogsoft AIOps
The Future of IT Operations & DevOps

In a complex world, simplification is key to achieving more.

We build human-centered technology that helps people and machines work together to find clarity in chaos and accelerate innovation.

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Empowering the New Generation of Enterprise Operations

Never Suffer From Alert Fatigue Again

Our patented machine learning algorithms automatically reduce event volumes  from across your environment and de-duplicate them into unique Alerts – all in real-time and without relying on static rules, filters or models. This drastically reduces the amount of incoming noise to your team and allows them to focus their resources on tackling the issues that matter.

Moogsoft AIOps is a fully extensible solution that gives you 100% coverage across your entire IT ecosystem, including your application monitoring, automation, service management, log indexing, and notification tools. Moogsoft AIOps ingests data from these sources and applies patented real-time technologies — including algorithmic alert ranking (entropy) — to immediately decrease your total Alert volume. This algorithmic approach to noise reduction helps our customers realize an immediate reduction Alerts by over 90% – and we do that without creating blindspots.

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Get Proactive Insights That Make Your Team Smarter

Get the information your team needs to be smarter, faster, and more effective. Our Algorithmic Clustering Engine (ACE) dynamically correlates Alerts across your tools and clusters them into actionable Situations. These Situations are surfaced complete with a visual narrative of how the issue occurred, giving your team full visibility into the issues that are impacting your customers’ experience. It’s so powerful that enterprises typically report an average reduction in Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) of over 60%.

Moogsoft AIOps leverages both structured and unstructured data from a variety of tools and sources — from APM alerts all the way to your company’s Twitter account or internal ChatOps – and applies time, linguistic, logical, and physical topological proximity filtering to dynamically cluster unique Alerts into actionable Situations. This provides your team with an unparalleled view into customer-impacting issues, all in a single location.

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Fix Issues Faster Than Before

Moogsoft AIOps uses algorithms to help you identify the root cause of any issue that is impacting your customers. Our neural networks also catalog previous Situations and notify you of matches to help enable early detection of repeat issues in the future. With Moogsoft AIOps, even your newest team member wields the knowledge of a seasoned veteran.

Moogsoft AIOps helps you proactively manage incidents before they impact your customers. We do this by blueprinting past Situations to inform predictive, preventative actions. Our algorithms automatically learn from your team’s behavior and continuously improve so you can continue to innovate.

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Collaborate Any Time, Anywhere, on Any Device

The Situation Room is a unique virtual war-room technology that unifies communication across tools and teams. This automatically improves collaboration by removing the need for conference bridges and other inefficient methods of the past. That’s why our customers report that Moogsoft AIOps helps them reduce their MTTR (Mean Time to Restore) by up to 60%.

Moogsoft AIOps streamlines collaboration across tools, channels and teams.  Intelligent notifications automatically pull in the right people, with the right skills, at the right time. The Situation Room also utilizes algorithmic knowledge base building and notifications to inform more efficient resolution of any repeat issues that may occur. And it can be accessed anywhere, including your mobile device.

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What People Are Saying About Moogsoft AIOps

  • Average Reduction in Alert Volume

    Average Reduction in Alert Volume

    Quote Image

    Moogsoft has leveraged machine-learning with the aim of helping customers reduce the noise around alerts that many enterprises are struggling to get a grip on.

    Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research
  • Average Decrease in MTTD

    Average Decrease in MTTD

    Quote Image

    Moogsoft’s machine-learning and socialized workflows are the future of service assurance.

    Kalyan Kumar, SVP and Chief Technologist, ITO at HCL Technologies
  • Average Decrease in MTTR

    Average Decrease in MTTR

    Quote Image

    Moogsoft’s flexibility has allowed our service-aligned operations teams to restore services faster without having to change existing processes or organization.

    VP, Global Data Center Operations, Global Financial Institution

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