You now have the power to prevent outages
There are no ghosts in the machine—only situations you previously couldn’t see. Moogsoft AIOps prevents data disasters and paves the way for smooth workflows, continuous innovation, and optimal profitability.

Moogsoft Named AIOps Leader and Wins DevOps Innovation Award

In a new comprehensive EMA report, which ranked 17 AIOps solutions using dozens of key decision-making factors, Moogsoft earned EMA’s Value Leader status across nearly all AIOps use cases: Incident, Performance, and Availability Management as well as Change Impact and Capacity Optimization. EMA also recognized Moogsoft exclusively as an innovator in DevOps.

what we do

The most overlooked competitive advantage is uninterrupted service

We call this Continuous Service Assurance. When your digital presence hiccups, customers go elsewhere. And when employees are constantly fixing emergencies, agility suffers and innovation plummets. You need seamless operations in order to grow, compete and thrive.

Moogsoft is a unified platform that helps your entire company work smarter

One Platform

Artificial intelligence prevents very real problems.

Companies simply generate too much data for humans to monitor, so AIOps is crucial for IT incident management. Our platform covers every aspect of your business: accurately detecting anomalies, automatically surfacing important events from noise, alerting Ops teams to potential crashes, reducing MTTD and MTTR, and freeing people to focus on mission-critical tasks.
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A collaborative workflow to boost the collective IQ of your IT Operations and DevOps

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When issues are resolved quickly and accurately, everyone is free to focus on core tasks and key business objectives

For IT Operators

Improve service delivery quality. We only elevate critical situations, so you and your team can move swiftly, stay focused, and resolve incidents before they cause outages.

For IT Monitoring

Watch alert volumes go down and see productivity go up. We help eliminate event fatigue with a consolidated monitoring panel and correlation of similar events to significantly minimize actionable incidents.

For DevOps

See everything in one view. We aggregate all of your apps, services and infrastructure alerts to a single console for increased agility, fewer alerts and faster resolution times.

We offer two subscriptions. Which one is best for your business?

Moogsoft makes digital transformation suck less for enterprises.

Our deep learning AIOps platform integrates with your current systems and ingests data from across the enterprise, automatically adapting to your business. Incremental system changes are the long painful path to irrelevance, while Moogsoft’s root cause analysis is an investment in your company’s future productivity.

For SMEs and cloud-first companies, early detection is the only prevention.

We know that early anomaly detection is especially important. Our Express offering lets cloud-first companies and DevOps teams deploy quickly and start seeing results promptly, at a price that makes sense for smaller businesses and organizational deployments.