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  • With Incident.MOOG, we are able to quickly adapt to frequent changes to IT architecture with little reliance on static rules and models.

    – Harry Manley, Head of Customer Support, RetailNext

  • Incident.MOOG was initially deployed as a layer on top of our legacy event management systems but is now completely replacing those legacy systems.

    - Manager, Incident Operations, Global Internet Service Provider

  • Incident.MOOG’s machine learning and socialized workflows are the future of service assurance.

    – Kalyan Kumar, SVP and Chief Technologist, ITO at HCL Technologies

  • I would describe Incident.MOOG as Magic - it’s a tool for the here, now, and future.

    – Systems Management & Tool Architect, Global Digital Insurance Provider

  • The critical value of Incident.MOOG is in ‘story’ of the progression of the incident across multiple NOCs, domains and countries - and the ability to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the situation.

    – VP of Service Assurance, Telecom Service Provider

  • Incident.MOOG’s flexibility has allowed our service-aligned operations teams to restore services faster without having to change existing processes or organization.

    – VP, Global Data Center Operations, Global Financial Institution

Moogsoft, earlier IT incident detection, faster diagnosis and better orchestration

Earlier Detection, Faster Troubleshooting and Epic Team Collaboration.

Detect Earlier

Detect Earlier

Identify Problems in Seconds Well Before Your Users Spot Them.

Minutes to Understand

Troubleshoot Faster

360° Situational Awareness reduces your MTTR to Minutes.

DevOps Ready

Collaborate Better

Virtual War Room Enables True Dev/Ops Collaboration.

Learn from Failure

Learn from Failure

Re-Use Knowledge from Past Incidents.

The Problem We Solve

Moogsoft Business Value

Reduce Noise

Reduce Noise.

> Reduce Event Volume by 99%

> Reduce Number of Incidents

Reduce Time

Reduce Time.

> Reduce Time-To-Detect by 75%

> Reduce Time-To-Restore by 75%

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs.

> Reduce Revenue Risk

> Replace Legacy MoMs

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