Modern ITOps Enabling Continuous Availability

Ensure continuous availability with automated noise reduction, correlation, and collaboration across your incident workflow.

Moogsoft enables ITOps & more

Detect early, respond faster with AIOps

Early detection: Use metrics and events as a data source to identify true anomalies early in the lifecycle

Automated collaboration: Initiate automated workflows to expediently route, remediate and auto close incidents

Pattern identification: Apply AI and ML technologies to understand patterns and prevent them from happening again

Reduce Noise by Up to 99%

Microservices create complexity and generate insane amounts of raw data. Moogsoft eliminates the alert noise so you can focus on what is truly business impacting vs. what’s not.

Speed up MTTR by > 50%

When an outage hits, context matters. Moogsoft’s advanced correlation automatically detects anomalies and connects the tissue between all alerts so you can identify root cause faster.

10% Time Back

Continuous delivery means continuous changes. Moogsoft provides continuous improvement by automating the incident management workflow and gives you back time for more important and enjoyable tasks.

Detect problems before they become critical

Moogsoft ensures uptime using machine learning and advanced correlation to detect incidents before they happen. As pioneers of using AI for service assurance, we’ve taken our expertise to the cloud, focusing on the new challenges that microservice and ephemeral architecture creates; allowing you to resolve with confidence, get time back, and innovate more.


Bring your own stack.

Your data, your tools, your integrations – we connect it all.

Try it yourself & see Moogsoft in action

Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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