Navigate Radical Business Disruption

Maintain readiness, even in the face of even massive economic and social disruption

New world disorder

One of the consequences of globalization is that major disruptions to business can now arise from previously unsuspected sources. Also, the interconnectedness of the economy ensures that many of these disruptions can spread to all geographies overnight. In order to thrive, given these challenges, DevOps teams must expect remote work as normal and live comfortably with an ever changing community of colleagues.

Hyper agility in the face of disruption

The complexity of modern IT environments had already reached the point before the latest Pandemic which made it impossible for DevOps teams to be able to assess adequately the impact of new components on production environments. Working from home added the challenge of diminished communication and another layer of indirection between the developer or SRE and the underlying systems that require observation and analysis. The Moogsoft Observability platform, by providing automated analytics on metric and event streams from the Cloud, ensures that many of the issues associated with remote working are mitigated.

Working across space and time

It takes time for incidents to manifest themselves as digital business disrupting brownouts or outages. The sooner those incidents are spotted and identified, the less damage is likely to occur. Moogsoft’s patented anomaly detection and event correlation functionality makes it possible to spot the very first signs that something problematic is afoot. Not only will the team get to the root cause more quickly, thereby decreasing MTTR, it will, in many cases, prevent the outage from occurring. In other words, Moogsoft will allow DevOps teams to ensure maximum MTBO for their rapidly evolving environments.

Additional Business Solutions

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Continuous Availability

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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