About Us

Who is Moogsoft?

We’re a passionate herd of technologists addressing the business world’s greatest IT challenges.

Our Mission

As the world grows ever more complex, we stick to our belief that simplicity is the key to greater achievement. And we never forget that AI is built on human designs, dreams and desires. That’s why everything Moogsoft makes helps people and machines work more harmoniously, to create clarity from chaos and expedite innovation.

We’re a passionate herd of technologists united by our focus on the future: accelerating the evolution of the cloud and addressing the business world’s greatest IT challenges.

Moogsoft Values

Grace Under Pressure - We believe it’s important to respect and be aware of others around you. We like to be transparent, honest, and fair without the need to shout!

Employee First - We want Moogsoft to be the best place to work and for our employees to be in the best possible, inclusive environment. We believe in offering the best benefits and perks as well as ensuring employees have the opportunity to grow through continuous learning, in order to reach their potential.

Fanatical Customer Advocacy - We support, listen to, deliver to and partner very closely with our customers. Building those relationships is key.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas - We want to be the leaders in the market and we encourage everyone to express their ideas. We are invention and research focused, acknowledge our experts and thrive on challenges.

Fun - Most importantly, we want employees to have fun at work. We provide a welcoming, relaxed, transparent workplace where we celebrate being part of Moogsoft and all the amazing things we do.

Getting to Know the Herd

Executive Team

Meet the Herd

Mike Silvey Friendly Co-Founder
Rob Harper Science
Sharifa Parker People
Mike Cabot Revenue
John Haley Product & Strategy
Georgia Gier Digital Experience
Spike Hepburn Technical
Richard Whitehead Product Marketing
Mio Kataoka Enablement
Eric Brousseau Product Management

Board of Directors

Our Investors

Think You’re Moogsoft Material?

Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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