Optimize Digital Experience

The continuous observation of fluctuations in the performance of systems being used by customers is key to ensuring a seamless digital experience.

A compelling experience in the face of continuous change

Modern digital services are, today, in a state of continuous change. New components and functionalities are always being added to ensure that a business can deliver its customers the latest and greatest in a market where customer options are near infinite. There is a paradox, however. Customers cannot see or feel the discontinuities as the functionalities they are consuming evolve. The stream of experience must be seamless.

Taming the underlying complexity

Underlying this smooth yet ever changing customer experience are highly modular, distributed, dynamic, and component-wise ephemeral systems. This kind of complexity means that these systems are fragile and prone to incidents and faults. Furthermore, that very same complexity means that the naked human eye and unaided human brain will have a very difficult time observing what is going on, let alone diagnosing and fixing problems when they occur. The Moogsoft Observability platform's anomaly detection and event correlation cut through the complexity induced noises and let DevOps teams observe the big picture of system behavior while that system undergoes evolution.

Seeing a seam before the customer sees the tear

Anomalies are detected at the very first departure from normality, allowing the team to know a potential disruption to customer experience is at hand while, at the same time, the event correlation functionality builds the context within which that anomaly is occurring and provides a first step to diagnosis. Putting the Moogsoft Observability platform to work allows one to notice a seam in the customer’s digital experience before it becomes an off-putting tear.

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