Enabling Innovation

In order to deliver new functionality continuously, smart observability is required to minimise disruption in production environments.

Competitiveness requires unceasing digital innovation

The world of digital business demands continuous innovation just to keep pace with competitors. It is not sufficient to deliver world-beating differentiated functionality today. It is too easy for competitors to match what is being delivered, the moment after it arrives on the scene. This is why the DevOps culture with its emphasis on CI/CD has become such a critical element of success.

Mitigating the risks of an ever changing stack

Nonetheless, it is not all about speed. The continuing flow of new components into the production environment threatens to up-end existing services and the effectiveness of the supporting infrastructure. Continuous vigilance is required to ensure that incidents and problems resulting from the introduction of a new component are quickly spotted and remediated.

Smart observability keeps disruption at bay while new functionality is delivered

This is where the Moogsoft Observability platform comes in. Using innovative AI, the platform is able to zero in on early issues in metric and event streams that signal the emergence of a potentially disruptive incident. The technology is evidence-driven rather than rule and model-driven and hence can deal with the pressure of continuous innovation.

Additional Business Solutions

Extending Agility to Ops

Continuous Availability

Navigate Business Disruption

Optimize Digital Experience

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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