Take Control Over IT Complexity

Moogsoft is a single self-service monitoring and management platform for IT Ops and SRE teams to manage the complexity and scale of modern digital infrastructures.

Regain visibility of modern digital infrastructure

Moogsoft rapidly empowers IT Ops and SREs with a full, real-time view of all infrastructure. Within minutes of deploying Moogsoft, teams get complete visibility and context to help quickly detect and resolve problems, reduce downtime and improve customer experience at the pace that business demands.

Regain visibility of modern digital infrastructure
IT Ops Duties

Resolve problems early and quickly

Moogsoft ingests data, including logs and metrics, from all monitoring and management tools and directly from infrastructure to quickly reduce event noise, and correlate important alerts. Its self service modules allow teams to easily begin using Moogsoft’s powerful AI capabilities to pinpoint root causes of incidents quickly, before they become business-impacting outages.

Instantly Boost efficiency and productivity

Moogsoft’s, rapidly deployable cloud-first architecture and self-service model enables teams to begin accelerating incident detection, cause identification and outage prevention in minutes. Fewer escalations with Moogsoft also mean increased productivity, improved collaboration and knowledge recycling, all of which enable teams to innovate more and operate less.

Instantly Boost efficiency and productivity

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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