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Continuous Availability

Continuous availability, a prerequisite for digital business, can only be achieved through the anticipation of the outages by catching the early warning signs.

One outage is one too many

Continuous availability is a presupposition for digital business. In the face of even a rare outage or on-going poor performance, customers will drift away and often never return. Operations will also be impacted as coordination between a business and its partners and suppliers breaks down in the face of digital incidents.

Anticipating incidents

Despite the importance of ensuring continuous availability, the volume and velocity of system data makes it almost impossible for the human operator to detect the signals in the metric and event stream that puts a DevOps team on notice that an incident is occurring or an outage is imminent. The anomaly detection and event correlation capabilities of the Moogsoft Observability platform are precisely what is required to enhance the team’s ability to see those signals and interpret them in a timely manner.

Prevention is the best cure

It takes time for incidents to manifest themselves. The sooner those incidents are spotted and identified, the less damage is likely. Moogsoft’s patented anomaly detection and event correlation functionality makes it possible to spot the very first signs that something problematic is afoot. Not only will the team get to the root cause more quickly, thereby decreasing MTTR, it will, in many cases, prevent the outage from occurring. In other words, Moogsoft will allow DevOps teams to ensure maximum MTBO for their rapidly evolving environments.

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