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Cost of Downtime

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Did You Know? According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. This can mean that your downtime can cost your business $300,000 per hour.

Wow! Look at that downtime.

your company is losing an annual total* of:

{{ Math.round(incidents * resolve * 52 / 60) }} hours & ${{ calculateLostRevenue }} Try Different Numbers

But don’t worry -
Moogsoft reduces the time and dollars lost by downtime by 50%.
This means that you can have an annual savings of ${{ calculateROI }}!

Want to learn more about the numbers?
Check out our full report on the Cost of Downtime.

*Based on our calculations and the numbers you provided for Revenue, Incidents and Minutes to Resolve. This number is an estimate.

Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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