The velocity of market change is forcing Enterprises to extend agile methods and CI/CD processes beyond development teams in fast-track IT departments and Lines of Business to the entirety of corporate IT.

IT Ops in a new world

Not only are IT assets moving to the cloud, they are also becoming more modular, dynamic, distributed, and ephemeral. In a word, they are becoming more complex. Traditional approaches to managing IT infrastructure and applications no longer suffice. Indeed, it is critical that ops teams adopt agile methodologies characteristic of the DevOps and SRE communities to cope with this brave new world of continuous experimentation and change.

From Monitoring to Observation

At the heart of the required transformation is a shift of focus from monitoring to observation. Whereas traditional monitoring technology used pre-established rules and models to illuminate the meaning of data being captured by IT operations team, things now just change too fast and the changes are too consequential for the rules and models to be at all valuable. Instead, IT Ops activity must become evidence driven. All analysis must spring directly from the data streams themselves without any presuppositions or prejudice. This is the heart of Observability.

Evidence-Driven Ops

The Moogsoft platform allows IT operations teams to directly tackle metric and event data, deploying AI to surface the significance of that data even as the systems generating that data change rapidly in real time. This means that it will be possible to get ahead of incidents before they surface as outages with minimal false positives.

Additional Business Solutions

Enabling Innovation

Continuous Availability

Navigate Business Disruption

Optimize Digital Experience

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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