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Top AIOps Trends & Predictions for 2019 2019-01-29T23:59:36+00:00

Top AIOps Trends & Predictions for 2019

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Looking into the Future of AIOps

We’ve dusted off our crystal ball and are predicting what the next year will reveal for AIOps in the enterprise. In an increasingly AI-driven world, IT Operations and Development teams need to embrace how AI can help take their performance to the next level.

Learn what AIOps pioneer and Moogsoft CEO, Phil Tee, foresees for the role of AI in IT Ops. Below, find key resources to help you prepare for what’s coming …

  • “Over the next five years: machine learning and computational neuroscience . . . will merge into a single discipline.”
    – Will Cappelli, CTO/VP of Product EMEA, Moogsoft
  • “We're able to see up to a 99 percent reduction in noise. Over the next decade experts and innovators will continually be pushing to eliminate that extra 1 percent. ”
    – Richard Whitehead, Chief Evangelist, Moogsoft
  • “I predict a rise in AI for IT Ops implementation, as it grants the ability to see what’s inside containers to track and analyze the information generated.”
    – Dominic Wellington, Global IT Evangelist, Moogsoft