How Moogsoft Ensures 24/7 x 365 Availability of Real-Time, Worldwide Data


How Moogsoft Ensures 24/7 x 365 Availability of Real-Time, Worldwide Data


INRIX is a leading provider of location-based data and software-as-a-service analytics to automakers, businesses, cities, and road authorities worldwide.

The company’s products include real-time and historical traffic conditions, road safety, incident, parking availability, and rates.

Traffic never stops, so INRIX doesn’t ever stop, either. To ensure that these mission-critical services are available around the clock to so many municipalities and individuals, INRIX relies on Moogsoft.

“We don’t just collect data, we deliver applied intelligence and solutions to help improve mobility from start to finish.”

INRIX Needed a Reliable AIOps Solution

With so much reliance on their architecture for real-time data delivery, Christina Schreiber (Service Operations Lead Analyst) and David Moseley (Global Service Operations Manager) needed a crystal-clear window into how their services are performing.

“We have a huge technological footprint, with many services monitoring its health,” David explained. “Being able to consolidate that into one window, so teams are quickly and accurately informed about service impacts and able to resolve issues as quickly as possible, is essential.”

Prior to approaching Moogsoft, INRIX had implemented an alternative AIOps solution. Unfortunately, the initial attempt left some important gaps. For example:

  • Alerting capabilities were limited: Templates were basic and non-configurable, auto-resolution of SumoLogic alerts was not possible, and the alert logic and workflows were glitchy
  • Cross-correlation between sources was unreliable
  • The solution was expensive relative to its overall value
  • The vendor couldn’t resolve some important prerequisites, like Zabbix integration

Ultimately, the INRIX team felt concerned that their Service Level Agreements
(SLAs) were at risk, so they contacted Moogsoft.

Immediate Value

Because the INRIX team needed to work within the limitations of their existing solution until Moogsoft could fully replace and enhance the legacy tooling, everyone felt a shared sense of urgency.

To move as quickly as possible, Christina and David prioritized the enablement of critical functionality, including:

  • Integrating full stack telemetry data (application, infrastructure, network, services), including logs, events, and alarms from sources including SumoLogic, Pingdom, Zabbix, PRTG, and Amazon CloudWatch
  • Creating a centralized dashboard to enable the team to immediately visualize, understand and take appropriate action on their metrics
  • Implementing incident filtering, prioritization, and automatic resolution

Previously, with multiple inbound event sources, the incident management team had difficulty separating real issues from false positives. Moogsoft’s cross-correlation and logical grouping of alerts changed that.

“There is an obvious reduction in false escalations to the incident management team,” Christina said. “By suppressing noise and consolidating relevant information into one location, the new solution allows us to respond to incidents and restore service faster, with even smaller operational teams.”

After only a few months, INRIX was able to decommission the old solution. Success! But the journey wasn’t over yet.

Continuous Evolution

Next, IT leadership identified opportunities for improved alignment with OpsGenie (for on-call management) Zendesk, and Jira (for ticketing workflows), enhanced anomaly detection, better tag management, and continuous enhancements to their dashboards.

With the technical implementation proceeding according to plan, how’s the overall relationship doing? “The post-sales support continues to be great, with frequent catch-ups and the opportunity to set up meetings to troubleshoot a technical support issue, if needed,” David said.

It’s a great reminder that AIOps is about technology and people. The INRIX team made this clear from start to finish, and Moogsoft is delighted to enable world-class experiences for them and their customers.



  • SaaS Analytics

Key Challenges

  • Maintaining real-time services 24/7
  • Service impact visibility
  • Alerting accuracy

Business Impact

  • Unidentified service issues
  • Suboptimal response times
  • Poor cost/performance ratio

Moogsoft Benefits

  • Full stack telemetry
  • Improved RCA
  • Centralized dashboards
  • Automated incident filtering, prioritization & resolution

Tooling Ecosystems

  • SumoLogic
  • Pingdom
  • Zabbix
  • PRTG
  • Amazon Cloudwatch

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