Deloitte and Moogsoft present: AIOPs for IT Transformation

Artificial intelligence for IT Operations and DevOps enhances monitoring, automation, and service with proactive, dynamic insight

AIOps platforms use big data, modern machine learning techniques, and other advanced analytics technologies to directly and indirectly enhance operations — monitoring, automation and service desk — with proactive, personal, and dynamic insight.

This optimization of processes helps enterprise IT operations and DevOps teams increase agility, lower the cost of operations, and improve the quality of customer experience, while reducing risk in implementation and general operations.

These solutions reduce the amount of incoming noise to operators, proactively detect incidents, correlate events across ecosystems, and streamline collaboration workflow across teams and toolsets, while codifying knowledge to make operators smarter when encountering future incidents.

Download this Deloitte / Moogsoft white paper, “Comprehensive Approach for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations Transformation,” and learn how best to apply AIOps to your IT ecosystem.

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