Natural Selection: How IT Can Adapt to AIOps and Thrive, Not Just Survive

Natalia Jojic-Ferguson | Worldpay, Solutions Architect

The IT operations teams at Worldpay have been weathering a storm, it’s and creating mayhem. Traditional monitoring tools were failing, breaking during peak times, causing operators to miss critical alerts. Even root causes couldn’t be detected and, as a result, numerous Severity 1 issues continued unsolved for hours. Through it all, teams were spending more time blaming each other than repairing the problems.

With Moogsoft AIOps, the Worldpay has an opportunity to be on the right path. In this presentation from the London AIOps Symposium, Worldpay Solutions Architect Natalia Jojic-Ferguson explains how the machine-learning platform is removing inefficiencies, clustering events into actionable situations, and identifying probable root causes. Now, it’s the humans that need to adapt.

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