See Moogsoft’s unique and powerful AIOps tool in action.

It’s become a hard fact of managing and maintaining functional IT operations: Model-based rule writing approaches simply don’t scale for modern networks. The amount of data alone — not to mention the complexity of environments, and the speed at which alerts are generated — are overwhelming to the best, most capable teams of human operators and the legacy systems many of them rely on.

To stay on top of what’s happening across diverse, often hybridized modern IT networks, a machine-learning-driven algorithmic approach is the only solution for complete full-stack visibility, cross-team communication, and layered management toolsets.

In this overview demonstration of a typical first-time use case, watch Moogsoft AIOps in action as it ingests a huge amount of event data, correlates and deduplicates alerts, assesses and arranges them into situations, initiates communication between relevant operators, and facilitates remediation. Moogsoft provides ITOps and DevOps with a modern workflow and unique, cross-stack insight to detect, help manage and remediate issues in real time before things get out of hand.

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