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Moogsoft AIOps Versus BigPanda

Enterprise-Grade Event Correlation for the Global Fortune 1000

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When Your Event Volumes are at Enterprise-Scale

BigPanda is a simple aggregation engine best suited for smaller companies or single divisions without organizational or tool complexity. Moogsoft AIOps is purpose-built from the ground up for modern enterprise use cases.

The Right Tools for the Enterprise

Understand The Whole Context By Combining Algorithms

Moogsoft’s multiple patented algorithms offer a depth and breadth of support that are unmatched in the industry. If your environment has enterprise-level scale and complexity, then you need an enterprise-grade solution. Moogsoft customers are enabled to routinely process billions of alerts per day through our patented AIOps solution.

Some Data Should Stay In-House

BigPanda is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. This may work for your applications that also live in the cloud. But what about data that needs to stay local? Moogsoft offers SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid deployment options — your requirements are the deciding factor.

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The Right Tools for the Enterprise
Build Your Collective Knowledge

Build Your Collective Knowledge

BigPanda aggregates events into a single service desk ticket for a composite issue. But if operators work in a separate ticketing system to solve the problem, their expertise will be locked off and unavailable to others. Moogsoft AIOps captures all these interactions in the Situation Room and makes them available when similar incidents recur, so there is no risk of important knowledge being lost.

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Build Your Collective Knowledge

Why use Moogsoft AIOps Instead Of BigPanda

Big Panda Correlation

Deeper Integration Means Better Correlation

BigPanda is only able to perform simplified correlation across devices and event sources, and requires the creation of unofficial field integrations, which may have unforeseen consequences, and impact the stability and performance of other systems. Moogsoft’s Algorithmic Clustering Engine (ACE), on the other hand, uses patented data science and machine learning to integrate natively, and seamlessly correlate across existing monitoring event formats.

Big Panda Ticketing

Even Smarter Ticketing

The way BigPanda aggregates multiple alerts into a single ticket may seem attractive to overwhelmed NOC operators, but ticketing systems work on the assumption of a single owner of a ticket, while incidents in modern infrastructures require collaboration from multiple teams to diagnose and resolve issues.

Moogsoft AIOps provides an intelligent collaboration environment to support cross-team communication, including features such as Algorithmic Knowledge Capture, Probable Root Cause, and streamlined ChatOps integration with automation functionality. Bidirectional integrations ensure that the results of this rich collaboration are still documented in the ticketing system of record.

Big Panda Ticketing

Get Complete Visibility

The “single pane of glass” has long been on NOC operators’ wish lists, but BigPanda’s limited view still requires operators to look elsewhere for information, like sensitive detailed application logs that can’t live in the cloud, network events at volumes that are too great to be feasibly uploaded, or key tools that BP simply doesn’t integrate with.

Why use Moogsoft AIOps Instead Of BigPanda


Don’t Moogsoft AIOps and BigPanda do the exact same thing?

No. Moogsoft AIOps presents complete and actionable correlated Situations. BigPanda’s superficial aggregation of events, presented as definitive results, may easily lead operators to false conclusions. In addition, Moogsoft AIOps provides a true end-to-end resolution workflow, going beyond detection into diagnostics, resolution, and business service impact, with patented algorithms and machine learning supporting the entire process.

What are the differences in deployment between Moogsoft and BigPanda?

BigPanda is available only as a SaaS offering, limiting its applicability for larger customers and those in regulated markets. Instead, Moogsoft AIOps is available both on-premises or as SaaS, or even as a hybrid, all with the exact same pricing, making the deployment model something each customer can choose for themselves.