Moogsoft and AppDynamics

Moogsoft + AppDynamics increase DevOps productivity, reduce costs and accelerate CI/CD cycles through early incident detection, outage prevention and business awareness.

Data in Transit

Ingest More Data

Easily configure Moogsoft to ingest both metrics and events from AppDynamics using the out-of-the-box integration module. Alternatively, you can ingest metrics directly, using the Moogsoft Collector. The choice is yours.

Correlate More Data

Provide full-stack visibility by correlating your metrics and events from AppDynamics with the events coming from other monitoring tools. Moogsoft expands your AppDynamics deployment to easily include other data sources.

Intelligent Incidents

No more looking for a needle in the haystack. Moogsoft does the hard work and creates AppDynamics Incidents that lead to faster identification of an issue and fewer outages.

Fast Time to Value

Trying to integrate your CI/CD tool chain can be challenging. Moogsoft makes it easy by providing out-of-the-box integrations. And for special cases, there are open APIs available as well. Moogsoft even provides the ability for you to build your own integrations.

AppD and Moogsoft
Datadog and Moogsoft perfect together

AI-Driven Correlation

Remove silos by unifying your monitoring strategy and ingest multiple data sources into a proven enterprise-class platform. Correlate data from all your monitoring tools to pinpoint the problems that matter, and avoid costly outages.

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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