Moogsoft and SolarWinds

Ingest monitoring & observability data from SolarWinds, along with the rest of your Observability stack, at scale.

Why Use Moogsoft AIOps with SolarWinds

Moogsoft makes it simple to consolidate SolarWinds alerts and create filters that work for your business —automatically combining related incidents across your entire stack, not just your SolarWinds tool set.

Moogsoft Correlation

Ignite Immediate Time to Value

Maximize your return on investment and see real results as quickly as two business days with Moogsoft. Intelligent NLP-based correlation and deduplication capabilities discover patterns and relationships across your data—automatically correlating related alerts—powered by Moogsoft-patented AI and machine learning. Moogsoft simplifies correlating raw events from legacy platforms like SolarWinds. Intelligent correlation saves your IT teams time and frustration while enabling a more positive customer experience with an improved incident management lifecycle, including faster mean time to detection (MTTD) and mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Ingest Data at Scale and Increase Collaboration

Now you can empower meaningful collaboration and see how incidents are connected to streamline time to resolution (MTTR) with proactive remediation. Easily connect all your monitoring and observability tools to ingest thousands of events at scale and drive deeper visibility leveraging the Moogsoft domain-agnostic AIOps solution. To simplify prioritization and improve resolution time, Moogsoft ingests alerts from your entire tech stack (including SolarWinds), then deduplicates and correlates them into automated incident workflows with a single view.

Moogsoft Correlation

Discover New Productivity Levels and Less Noise with Domain-Agnostic AIOps

Moogsoft’s domain-agnostic AIOps solution will help you streamline IT operations through enhanced understanding of event significance and relevancy. That means higher user and customer satisfaction backed by timelier resolutions.

Alleviate Obstacles to Prioritizing Digital Transformation

In a crowded, fast-moving digital age, the only constant is change. Racing ahead at the speed of disruption is a potent competitive advantage. With Moogsoft, you can integrate with both on-prem or cloud-hosted sources for a deeper view across your end-to-end solutions with robust inbound integration capabilities. Alleviate unnecessary blind spots that can slow your business down and block key transformation initiatives that keep you moving forward. With a modernized AIOps solution like Moogsoft, you can propel net-new business processes and outcomes to reimagine ITOps—tapping into legacy data and events.

Empower Your IT Teams to Reach Their Full Potential

Using Moogsoft as an intelligent aggregation layer with SolarWinds, you unburden your IT teams of tactical, repetitive work. With a modern AIOps solution, you can reduce workloads while streamlining basic requests with robust, automated workflows enabling auto-resolution and notifications. Meanwhile, you can keep your trusted SolarWinds infrastructure your networking team is comfortable working with intact with added momentum and fresh ITOps capabilities.

Elevate Your Customer and User Experience

With Moogsoft and SolarWinds, teams can quickly identify the highest-priority requests to streamline your user experience—increasing visibility to prioritize incidents. With a domain-agnostic AIOps solution, automatically improving response times is a game changer. Connect related incidents while eliminating redundant ones to enhance timeliness and customer satisfaction.

Now is the Time for a Domain-Agnostic AIOps Solution Like Moogsoft

An AIOps solution like Moogsoft speeds response times while propelling digital transformation and collaboration across your business—making your organization more resilient. Moogsoft’s domain-agnostic AIOps solution will transform your ITOps to unleash a distinctive, competitive edge.

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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