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The flaw in IBM’s thinking is that they presuppose that the environment upon which they base their analytics will not change.

Hey, IBM: Start Thinking Ahead!

I received this comment on my last blog: “Is this meant to be a humorous piece?” Or does the author not realize that all data, even real time data, is after the fact?” – Robert T. Yes. A bit humorous. But meant to be more ironic. You...
Using historical analytics to develop patterns for the future dangerous. Use machine learning modernize your infrastructure.

Hey IBM, Machine Learning is NOT About Dinner!

IBM recently posted a on incorporating predictive analytics into service assurance – equating it to picking a BBQ joint. Too funny! It’s great that the Acronym vendors are finally talking about analytics in service management… but here’s the problem – all of the data they are...

A Closer Look at Root Cause Analysis

Historically, event management tools focus on determining the root cause of an incident. That’s a problem… Traditional root cause analysis is becoming less and less reliable. At least three things affect real root cause and its functionality in today’s environment: mobility, software defined networks and the...
The importance of capturing historical data, and even more importantly, learning from it.

Big Data and Your Incident Management Process

Many companies are in the midst of a Big Data project to store operational data. How does the event console and event stream data figure into this scheme? And what about the Service Desk? Taking a step back, we often see two camps in many large...
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