Observability and AI: Better Together


There’s an AI-led developer and operations (DevOps) evolution afoot which is stoking SREs’ increasingly critical efforts to assure and improve the customer experience by automating the toil out of observability. This movement feeds on a supercharged process of turning telemetry into actionable insight by automatically drawing anomalies, changes and events out of the full-stack event and telemetry data, and analyzing it for correlation and causality. In a fully digital economy, a movement like this puts SREs in the driver’s seat of not just development, but of an organization’s entire success.

This was the theme of a recent All Day DevOps breakout session, “Observability and AI: Better Together,” by Moogsoft VP of Product & Design Adam Frank, shown here. During this talk, Frank shined a light on both the critical nature that IT monitoring plays in determining how fast an organization can innovate, and just how AI helps DevOps practitioners and SRE teams do this faster. Ultimately, the talk showcases how AI and observability together help these teams move fast while breaking things less.