Platform Features
Moogsoft correlates incidents to reduce the volume and velocity of trouble tickets for faster MTTR and more efficient collaboration.

Ticket overload freezes effective action

Trouble ticket overload can make DevOps practitioners and SREs unsure of what to address first when users are screaming for help. Moogsoft thaws frozen action by cutting through the noise and sending teams only those tickets that directly impact apps, and other systems and services.

Massively lowers ticket volume

Modern systems spawn a tsunami of operational data and associated tickets. Moogsoft eliminates noisy tickets by applying AI and machine learning algorithms to your metric and alert data. Your benefit is a massive reduction in the number of incident tickets.

Makes modern systems manageable

Moogsoft presents only the tickets that matter with deep contextual insights that enable teams to solve IT problems faster than those relying on manual approaches. Fewer tickets enable faster response and restoration of service.
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Additional Features

Noise Reduction

Noise is the generation of operational data and tickets that are often unrelated to incidents.


Integrate with critical information from CMDB, asset management and discovery systems to provide situational awareness.


Correlation is about pattern discovery. It makes logical connections between data from multiple sources in the IT ecosphere.

Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies that are outside normal operating behavior.

Custom Integration

Build your own integration to any data source for full observability.


Simplify and automate workflows to enhance collaboration and productivity.


Collaboration across teams is the fastest way to resolve complex multiservice incidents.

Self Servicing

Get up-and-running in minutes by yourself – no need to rely on someone else for provisioning.

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