AIOps: The Next 5 Years

Rich Lane, Senior Analyst, Forrester and Will Cappelli, CTO of EMEA, Moogsoft, Share Their Predictions on How AIOps Will Evolve

AIOps is becoming imperative to the management of today’s complex IT systems and their ability to support changing business conditions. In this webinar, the speakers discuss the role that AIOps can and will play in the enterprise of the future, how the scope of AIOps platforms will expand, and what new functionality may be deployed.

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • How AIOps will enable and support the digitalization of key business processes

  • What new AI technologies and algorithms are likely to have the most impact on the continuing evolution of AIOps

  • Why the relationship of AIOps to both monitoring and service management is likely to change by 2023

This webcast includes a Q&A with our guest speakers.

Click here to download slides of the presentation.

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