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Moogsoft AIOps

The Next Generation Platform for IT Incident Management

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Humans and Machines Working to Deliver Better Ops

Moogsoft AIOps (artificial intelligence for IT operations) helps Dev and Ops teams become smarter, faster, and more effective. By using AI to automate mundane operational work we free up human operators to do what they do best — innovate.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically reduce alert volumes and eliminate operational noise.
  • Proactively detect problems through smart correlation and clustering of alerts from across your technology ecosystem.
  • Streamline collaboration and automate workflow across teams and tools.
  • Codify knowledge and automate sharing to make operators smarter over time.

How Moogsoft AIOps Works



Algorithmic Noise Reduction & Event Correlation

Increase Your Signal to Noise Ratio

Our patented AI works across your entire technology ecosystem, including your application performance monitoring, automation, service management, log indexing, and notification tools. Unsupervised machine-learning algorithms automatically reduce your alert volume by over 90%. In real time. No rules, filters, or models required.

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Get Proactive Insights So You Can Fix Problems Faster

Our Algorithmic Clustering Engine dynamically correlates alerts across your tools and clusters them into actionable Situations. These Situations are surfaced to operators complete with a visual narrative of how the problem occurred, giving your team full visibility into the issues that are impacting your customers’ experience. And we provide you with these insights all in a single location that you can access on any device.

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Modern Workflow Across Teams

Automatically Find the Root Cause of Any Issue

Probable Root Cause Analysis helps operators understand exactly what went wrong so they can take action before more of your customers are affected. This is the only technology available that can understand causality in unpredictable environments with a significant degree of accuracy, and without reliance on models.

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Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Streamline collaboration across your tools, channels, and teams. Our Intelligent Notifications automatically pull in the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, while the Situation Room provides your operators with a virtual war room that unifies communication in one single location. And it can be accessed anywhere, including from your mobile device.

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Real-Time Insights & Notifications Mobile

Make Your Teams Smarter Over Time

Algorithmic Knowledge captures data from previous incidents and automates decision support for operators that encounter recurring issues. No manual curation of knowledge bases required. Our algorithms automatically learn from your team’s behavior and continuously improve. Now even your newest operator has the same knowledge as a seasoned veteran.

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Seamless Integration Across Your Tools and Teams

Moogsoft AIOps is a fully extensible solution that spans across your entire IT ecosystem, including monitoring, automation, service management, log indexing, and notification tools.

Some of our most popular integrations:

AppDynamics AWS Amazon BMC Remedy CA Technologies Chef Docker Dynatrace IBM Tivoli Jenkins JIRA Microsoft Nagios New Relic Pingdom Redhat Service Now Slack Solaris Splunk Xmatters
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Flexible Deployment Options to Suit Your Unique Needs

Cloud On Premises

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Noise Reduction

Clustering & Correlation

Collaboration & Workflow

Root Cause Analysis

Knowledge Recycle