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Algorithms to Enable Digital Transformation

Moogsoft AIOps helps enterprise IT Operations and DevOps teams become smarter, faster, and more effective. We help you guarantee a high quality of customer experience, enable digital transformation (while ensuring stability), and operate efficiently via real-time machine learning algorithms that:

  • Reduce operational noise across your production stack
  • Proactively detect incidents and correlate events across your monitoring ecosystem
  • Streamline collaboration and workflow across teams and toolsets
  • Codify knowledge to make operators smarter when encountering future incidents

By using algorithms to address mundane operational tasks, your team will be freed up to do what human beings do best – innovate.


How Moogsoft AIOps Works



Algorithmic Noise Reduction & Event Correlation
Algorithmic Noise Reduction Dashbord

Increase Your Signal to Noise Ratio

Moogsoft AIOps sits on top of your entire production stack (including ITOM and APM) and extends across your automation, service management, log indexing and notification tools. Algorithmic Noise Reduction automatically reduces event volumes to unique alerts without relying on rules, filters or models. This enables your team to analyze 100% of your monitoring ecosystem events with no noise and no blind spots.

With Moogsoft AIOps, it’s never been easier to detect and remediate the issues that are impacting your customer’s experience. Our patented machine learning algorithms analyze events from across your entire production stack. Technologies such as Algorithmic Alert Ranking (entropy) and Automatic Noise Reduction are applied to instantaneously reduce your total alert volume so you can quickly identify and proactively manage incidents and minimize outages and downtime. Our customers report an immediate  reduction in alert volumes of 90% or more from using Moogsoft AIOps – this frees them up to focus on the most important tasks while beating their SLAs.

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Real-Time Insights & Notifications

Get Full Visibility Across Tools & Teams

Our Algorithmic Clustering Engine (ACE) dynamically clusters related alerts into actionable Situations, all in real-time. This Algorithmic Situation Detection provides your team with full visibility into service-impacting issues so you can take action before your customers start calling.

ACE is a new category of machine learning that combines the power of supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Relationships are inferred using a combination of time, linguistics, topology, ops templates and neural feedback from operators. Moogsoft algorithms learn on-the-fly and do not require historical training – it’s a truly agile and adaptive technology purpose-built for dynamic enterprise environments where moving fast is a must.

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Real-Time Insights & Notifications Mobile
Learn the Probable Root Cause of Any Incident
Learn the Probable Root Cause of Any Incident

Learn the Probable Root Cause of Any Incident

Take action before more of your customers are affected. When Incidents happen, Probable Root Cause Analysis helps your teams understand exactly what went wrong, and uses knowledge recycling to enable early detection and easy resolution of possible repeat Incidents. With Probable Root Cause Analysis, you can drastically reduce your Mean-Time-to-Remediate by leveraging the power of human-centric AI.

Out of the box, our Probable Root Cause algorithms look for patterns in operator-supplied feedback, and then applies those patterns to provide a root-cause estimate for incoming Alerts. This is the first technology that can understand causality in unpredictable IT environments with both a significant degree of accuracy, and without reliance on models.

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Automated Knowledge Reuse Product

Make IT Ops and DevOps Smarter Over Time

Algorithmic Knowledge captures data from previous incidents and automates decision support for operators encountering recurring incidents in the future. Now, even your newest team member can wield the knowledge of a seasoned veteran.

Many customer experience issues are simply the result of recurring incidents that have happened in the past. Moogsoft AIOps helps teams leverage tribal knowledge by automatically analyzing current alert narratives against past incidents, presenting a matching list of any Situations with degrees of similarity, as well as a detailed log of resolving steps. This process helps your team automate the resolution of any recurring incidents faster than what was ever before possible.

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Real-Time Insights & Notifications Mobile
Modern Workflow Across Teams
Modern, Collaborative Workflow Across Teams, Dashbord

Streamline Your Operations with Modern Workflows

Collaborative, team-based workflows allow modern enterprises to more effectively detect, troubleshoot and resolve incidents impacting their applications and services. Say goodbye to late night war rooms, email blame-storms, all-hands bridge calls, and say hello to continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous service.

Traditional processes aim to convene team members across a broad range of expertise, resulting in lost productivity for nearly everyone involved. Moogsoft AIOps removes the traditional IT bottleneck and allows you to intelligently engage the right people, with the right skills, to address Situations as they arise. Why bother the network team if the app failed (or vice versa)? Our customers love us for helping them create a more efficient and collaborative way of working, reducing their average Mean-Time-to-Restore (MTTR) by an average of 60%. And your customers will love you as well for delivering the highest quality experiences imaginable.

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Collective Intelligence Across Your Tools & Teams

Moogsoft AIOps is a fully extensible solution that spans across your entire IT ecosystem, including monitoring, automation, service management, log indexing, and notification tools.

Some of our most popular integrations:

Flexible Deployment Options to Suit Your Unique Needs

Cloud On Premises

Our Domain Innovation = Your Success

Moogsoft was founded by Phil Tee and Mike Silvey as a response to a lack of innovation in IT systems management and service assurance — a category that both Phil and Mike were instrumental in shaping when they invented Netcool (acquired by IBM) nearly 25 years ago.

The Moogsoft team is made up of a diverse group of technology innovators with a breadth and depth of expertise spanning IT service assurance, network operations, application performance monitoring, MSP/CSP, enterprise software, financial services, digital media, SaaS, log management, and online entertainment. We naturally understand our customers’ needs because we share similar backgrounds — this cumulative experience makes us uniquely qualified to partner with you and solve your team’s toughest problems.

If there’s one thing we love more than building cutting-edge technology, it’s helping companies use that technology to delight their customers. Connect with us so we can help you take your operations to the next level of excellence.

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