World Wide Technology Partners with Moogsoft to Extend AIOps Practice and Deliver Customers the Virtual NOC

SAN FRANCISCO – May 27, 2020 – Moogsoft, the pioneer and leading provider of artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) and World Wide Technology (WWT), a global technology solution provider, today announced they have partnered to deliver clients a joint solution that allows IT operations and DevOps teams to generate increased business value and more effectively ensure digital service uptime from anywhere.

This collaboration enables WWT’s market-leading AIOps practice to deliver enterprises virtualized Network Operations Centers (NOC) for increased productivity, reduced costs and accelerated innovation across their digital services. Under the partnership, WWT will leverage the Moogsoft AIOps Platform with clients to ingest data from multiple sources—including metrics, alerts, traces & logs—as well as patented Moogsoft algorithms and collaboration tools to proactively understand incidents and their root cause, prevent outages and minimize downtime.

“The current crisis and business climate are driving a sudden shift in how enterprises rely on their digital channels to maintain connections with customers, and build new ones,” said Brian Ortbals, VP Global Engineering Team, World Wide Technology. “Moogsoft AIOps serves as the architectural cornerstone of our expanded AIOps practice, and will help our clients protect revenue-generating customer experiences through better early outage detection and prevention, and increased business awareness.”

The world is rapidly moving to a digital-first business model, increasing the pressure on newly remote IT operations teams to ensure digital properties perform well.

AIOps brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to IT operations and DevOps, giving teams a single-pane-of-glass to find and fix IT incidents before they become revenue-impacting outages.

“World Wide Technology has built an impressive AIOps practice to help global enterprises transform their revenue-generating operations from traditional bank branches or retail stores into a collection of digital services,” said Moogsoft Founder and CEO Phil Tee. “The addition of the Moogsoft AIOps Platform helps boost the productivity of IT Operations, and lowers the total cost to deliver exceptional experiences across the business.”

Moogsoft AIOps Live in the ATC

WWT customers can also now experience the virtual NOC for themselves in a new Moogsoft environment at WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Moogsoft’s ATC Lab lets clients test drive the platform, and experience its comprehensive set of advanced algorithmic functions which automate and streamline key IT operations monitoring processes, including ingestion of data of all types and from all sources; noise reduction; alert correlation; root cause identification; and resolution automation.

Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 Enables the Virtual NOC

Built on the Moogsoft AIOps Platform, Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 delivers unprecedented automation and user experience, allowing IT Ops and DevOps teams to virtualize their NOC and work more effectively — from anywhere. The Moogsoft Situation Room expands collaboration capabilities throughout the incident management process, so these teams can diagnose and resolve problems quickly, before they impact user experience. More details are available at

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