Moogsoft Enterprise
Time is money. Downtime is money set on fire.
Nothing hurts profits, brand recognition and customer loyalty more than service outages. Moogsoft lets you mitigate risk, increase agility, and fast-track your innovation goals.

Build your Virtual NOC with Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0

Let Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0 bring order to your IT monitoring chaos. No more fumbling in the dark. Give your IT Ops teams full real-time visibility into the alerts that really matter anytime, anywhere.

Critical solutions for your business

Get real-time 
situational awareness

Simplify operations with a single system of engagement and operator view across the complete service chain.

Performance monitoring made easy

Our AIOps correlates data into Situations to eliminate event fatigue and provide probable root cause so IT can resolve incidents quickly.

Leave the silos

Bring Jira, Slack and ServiceNow together with our Situation view, and migrate from triage processes to an Agile, DevOps-focused team collaboration with real-time insights.

Enterprise covers your entire IT environment:


Through custom and programmatic integrations, Moogsoft collects event data from hundreds of performance management and monitoring products for applications, networks, infrastructure, websites, mobile apps, cloud workloads and more.


Via its algorithmic correlation and clustering capabilities, Moogsoft continuously analyzes millions of IT events across your entire monitoring stack, normalizes the data, and surfaces only critical alerts into unique, contextually-rich and actionable situations.


Unlike rules-based products, Moogsoft helps diagnose the root cause of any problem affecting digital services across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, regardless of the source and without needing historical data.

Collaboration / Situation Room

The Situation Room provides a virtual "war room" where everyone working to solve an incident can collaborate, sharing and accessing all necessary information, and interacting via chat, discussion boards, file sharing and more.

Workflow Engine

With its intuitive user interface, the Workflow Engine lets users create custom logic for event, alert and situation processing. Out-of-the-box workflows include a "closed alerts filter" to prevent further processing of closed alerts; and an “automated ticketing" enabler that uses existing integrations with incident management systems.


This Situation Room feature graphically shows which algorithms or user actions produced the situation, and offers visual insights into the effectiveness of alert-clustering settings, in case the configuration needs to be fine-tuned. Graphs are dynamic, allowing you to click on individual data points and drill down for more details.

Our Situation Room eliminates silos, confusion and wasted effort

Imagine every user investigating an incident working together in real time. They can see when it was created, the number of alerts it contains, teams assigned to resolve it, any impacted services, and the rating it was given at resolution. Your Situation Room is customizable to your teams’ needs, and only elevates critical incidents, allowing your valuable human talent to stay focused on the business.

Get the most out of your systems and tools

Moogsoft is a fully extensible platform that uses industry standards, providing easy and open integration capabilities that give you 100% coverage across all of your monitoring & observability, automation, orchestration, notification & collaboration and service management tools.
"With the AIOps system, we have cut the average time it takes to resolve technical snafus by 50 percent. The Moogsoft platform, used at the company’s 24/7 IT Global Situation Center, analyzes 5 million IT error notices and warnings a month, or about 2 every second, as it scans for IT hiccups that could disable a luggage-scanning system, delay a flight, or trip up some other core function."
David Bell, Managing Director of Cybersecurity & Technology Risk Management at American Airlines, Wall Street Journal, May 14, 2019
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