Moogsoft’s New Features and Integrations Round Out Successful Mid-Year Momentum

SAN FRANCISCO — June 23, 2022 — Moogsoft, the AIOps pioneer and leader, today announced new product features and enhancements on the heels of tripled growth rates.

After celebrating a decade in business, Moogsoft ended a strong first quarter with its greatest growth over the last two years. The company earned 140% achievement of pipeline generation, and its new Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) closed out with a 120% completion rate.

“Our second decade as a company started out strong. As the continuous availability of corporate apps and services becomes more essential to business continuity and growth, AIOps is no longer just a ‘nice to have,’” said Phil Tee, founder and CEO of Moogsoft. “We’re continuing to evolve our product to fit with modern enterprises’ increasingly complex IT environments, and our first quarter growth shows that we are succeeding at meeting those needs”.

In addition to previous quarter growth, new features to Moogsoft’s platform are offering greater insights for users and easier compatibility with tools. Some updates include greater insight into incident origin, scope previews to test correlations and multiple bi-directional integrations.

“Our users want a comprehensive understanding of the outcomes of their incidents, but without a granular view of the correlations, it’s difficult to keep track of uncategorized alerts,” said John Haley, VP of product and market strategy. “Our new Correlation Engine gives end users a granular, overarching view of defined and undefined correlations. It also has the ability to test filtered correlations to ensure proper alert tracking and integrate with user-favorite communication platforms to improve the workflow experience.”.

The new features highlighted this quarter are divided into categories including:


  • Incident Origin: Informs users of which correlation was used to create each incident to provide better context for quicker MTTR.
  • Correlation Containers: Correlation definitions can be processed in a predetermined order, giving users the ability to group each correlation definition into containers for easier prioritization.
  • Correlation Preview: As users define correlations, they can preview correlation results and alerts to be more accurate prior to enabling them.

Workflow Automation

  • Workflow Preview: Trigger Preview in Workflow Engine allows users to see a preview of what event criteria they would like to use to trigger a workflow. Preview triggers for custom automations like enriching alert metadata for better context or suppressing alerts during maintenance window before deploying!


  • Advanced Configuration: Users can now configure Moogsoft Plugins and Vector sources in the Moogsoft Collector allowing you to take advantage of both proprietary and open source technologies.
  • Windows Supported: The Moogsoft Collector now supports Windows Operating System with a simple installation process.


  • Bidirectional integrations: New expanded integrations with software tools including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Confluence, xMatters and Webex Teams.


  • Custom Roles: Users can now create custom roles and define permissions to meet their specific security needs.

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