Moogsoft Integrates with PagerDuty to Help DevOps Teams Automate and Simplify Incident Resolution, Drastically Improving Customer Experience

SAN FRANCISCO – April 28, 2020 – Moogsoft, a pioneer and leading provider of artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), today announced a joint solution with PagerDuty, Inc. (NYSE:PD) that surfaces incidents and insights about them to the right teams in real-time for faster remediation and continuous service assurance. 

This new bidirectional integration sends critical incidents surfaced by Moogsoft AIOps directly into PagerDuty, and to the exact people that need to take action, as well as the teams and people that need to be informed. DevOps, SREs and IT Ops teams can then collaborate from either platform with contextual and proactive insights—like Moogsoft’s similar historical incidents—to quickly identify and resolve both new and subsequent related issues.

“The increasing complexity of our hybrid cloud environment means that a major issue can get lost in operational noise from related systems,” said Mike Tardif, Senior Vice President, Tech Infrastructure at Royal Bank of Canada. “Integrating Moogsoft and PagerDuty helps our Site Reliability Engineering and Operations teams streamline collaboration and zero in on the root cause of an incident to quickly resolve it, so we can focus on continuously improving the customer experience.”

DevOps teams and SREs often struggle to achieve clear insights and awareness of operational challenges across their applications, infrastructure, and ultimately business services. Gaining this critical understanding of incidents and their impact before customers do requires surfacing important events from noise, understanding the relationships between alerts and obtaining the context needed to engage the right teams and people. 

“The scale and complexity of IT powering today’s digital economy produces more data than traditional operations management approaches can support,” said Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President at PagerDuty. “Integrating the Moogsoft AIOps platform with PagerDuty helps DevOps and SREs build better ways to identify critical incidents across cloud workloads, cloud-native applications, containers, microservices, and serverless computing, and prevent those from becoming brand-damaging outages, hence further advancing our ‘Virtualize the NOC’ initiative.”

“Integrating the Moogsoft and PagerDuty platforms let our mutual customers eliminate the drudgery of traditional IT Operations, and better collaborate to achieve both constant change and zero downtime,” said Moogsoft Founder and CEO Phil Tee. “IT Ops and DevOps teams can now work better together to improve service delivery quality while they watch alert volumes go down and see productivity go up.”

This integrated solution helps SRE’s and DevOps teams:

  • Detect anomalies and key events from observability data
  • Increase productivity by surfacing significant alerts and reducing noise
  • Identify incidents before they impact business services by engaging the right people and teams when seconds matter
  • Gain the context needed to understand what’s happening and respond correctly using a variety of options including Acknowledge and Escalate
  • Keep global teams in sync and better collaborate by adding comments and notes from PagerDuty and Moogsoft to share a consistent view
  • Communicate and report more efficiently, using the insights and visualizations gathered in the Moogsoft situation room
  • Streamline post-mortems and accelerate future response using Moogsoft’s similar incidents to spot related problems and PagerDuty’s simple Post-Mortem Process

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