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Keep your CI/CD pipeline agile with AIOps-powered observability
“IT organizations have started exploring AIOps in a DevOps context integrated with application release automation to assess risk in code and also in builds to avoid perilous deploys.1

Moogsoft helps DevOps teams develop more and operate less

DevOps teams must adopt agile development methods and IT innovations such as cloud, containers and microservices to continuously deliver software that boosts their organizations’ competitiveness.

But new technologies and continuous change increase operational complexity and the risk of application malfunctions, including outages. As a result, DevOps teams can lose situation awareness of their digital services’ performance, leading them to waste time on misguided diagnostics. This makes them less productive and erodes the quality of customers’ experience with the organization’s digital services.

Moogsoft AIOps provides full observability across the CI/CD cycle to quickly detect and fix issues before users are impacted.

Understand the deep internals of your applications by viewing the metrics and their behavior
Collaborate with DevOps teams and SREs from anywhere in the world, to restore services faster

Key Benefits

Reduce software development lifecycle time and increase CI/CD frequency

APIs between DevOps services can easily break. By pinpointing incidents, Moogsoft AIOps helps DevOps practitioners to act appropriately. With probable root cause identification, causal teams can quickly roll back and identify regression-test candidates. Meanwhile, teams whose applications are impacted can notify their end users more quickly and not waste time on diagnostics.

Optimize application and service reliability

Modern apps are complex, with many loosely-coupled components. Moogsoft AIOps lets DevOps teams detect issues early, and fix them quickly, to prevent outages that reduce sales, hike costs, disappoint customers and damage brands

Spend more time developing and increase developer productivity

By providing context, insight and visibility into the status of your applications and their components, Moogsoft AIOps slashes time spent troubleshooting, letting DevOps teams focus on valuable development work, to create more and better apps that drive revenue. In particular, distractions are sharply reduced thanks to situation awareness when a DevOps team’s service isn’t the cause of an incident.

Lower monitoring tools’ TCO, increase their value

By consolidating, correlating and analyzing all monitoring data from all your standalone DevOps tools, Moogsoft AIOps eliminates silos and exponentially increases the value of your monitoring stack by making it more scalable, while lowering operational costs.

Key Capabilities

Real time situation awareness across all stakeholder DevOps teams

Moogsoft groups related alerts into actionable incidents. For incidents impacting applications, Moogsoft gives corresponding DevOps teams visibility and context before the end users call, and allows them to take the appropriate action.

Trainable and transparent algorithms

Moogsoft AIOps visualization features allow DevOps teams to understand and fine-tune our algorithms, as well as “train” them by feeding them resolution results for improved future performance.

Monitoring and automation toolset integration

Moogsoft AIOps automatically refines significant alerts from metrics, changes and log events across your DevOps monitoring stack, and correlates incidents. Incident content allows Moogsoft to drive workflow to your external systems for ticketing and automation.

The combination of observability and AIOps

Moogsoft AIOps provides the observability that DevOps teams need to build continuous service assurance into CI/CD pipelines. It collects metrics and identifies anomalies in real time across the entire application stack using learned adaptive thresholds.
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