IRIS Partners with Moogsoft to Deliver Innovative AIOps and Observability Capabilities to Client Base

SAN FRANCISCO — October 5, 2021 — Moogsoft, the AIOps pioneer and observability leader, today announced its partnership with monitoring solution provider IRIS Network Systems. Through this partnership, Moogsoft will enhance IRIS’s monitoring solution with AIOps capabilities, such as noise reduction, anomaly detection and insight enrichment.

IRIS builds scalable monitoring systems that provide real-time alerting, reporting and troubleshooting for maximum network and infrastructure visibility. IRIS, which has an international footprint, is expanding into additional markets in Africa as it expands its AIOps service offerings through its partnership with Moogsoft.

IRIS was created in response to the increasing complexity of the internet, networks and legacy monitoring tools’ tendency to be expensive and enterprise-focused. The partnership of IRIS and Moogsoft provides a robust intelligent monitoring solution for engineers who want to work faster and smarter.

“After many years of working with expensive, monolithic systems and open-source tools, our team felt it was time to bring a more agile monitoring solution to market through our IRIS platform,” said Stuart Birch, Founding Director at Iris Network Systems. “Now we are taking IRIS’s capabilities a step further by partnering with Moogsoft, who can jump in and provide AIOps and observability capabilities to our customers. With Moogsoft, we can automate our clients’ repetitive work and free up human resources to do what they do best — innovate.”

The Moogsoft observability platform provides solutions such as noise reduction, anomaly detection, enrichment of ingested alerts, connections between data, custom integration to any data source and collaboration across teams. These Moogsoft solutions assist DevOps and SRE teams improve the customer experience by ensuring systems are operating optimally.

“Moogsoft is excited to work with the IRIS team to deliver new capabilities to the company’s existing client base,” said Mike Silvey, executive vice president at Moogsoft. “The IRIS team has demonstrated a deep understanding of AIOps and observability, and we are pleased to partner with them as they expand into the African market.”

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