Our AIOps platform provides a critical layer of intelligence for automating your end-to-end event to resolution workflow
The data deluge is increasing exponentially, and AIOps is the only way to eliminate human fatigue and error. We help to increase your productivity and provide continuous service assurance across your entire business.

Our AIOps platform herds a stampede of data into the appropriate chutes

With AIOps managing your data volume, routine concerns are handled, so your staff can focus on the unique and urgent problems that threaten your business. By integrating with your monitoring tools, Moogsoft AIOps ingests event data and discards 90%-plus of noisy alerts. It correlates important alerts and groups them into actionable, contextual situations. It identifies probable root cause and prescribes solutions. In its Situation Room, team members can collaborate in a central place.
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Integration Services

A fully extensible platform that integrates with hundreds of third-party systems, Moogsoft AIOps collects event data from all your performance management and monitoring products.

Noise Reduction

Moogsoft AIOps analyzes millions of IT events across your monitoring stack, eliminating 90%+ of non-actionable events via entropy algorithms that rank alert uniqueness using various criteria.


Moogsoft AIOps correlates critical alerts, and groups them into unique, contextually-rich and actionable situations, giving your IT Ops and DevOps teams comprehensive visibility and control.

Causality Analysis

After resolving situations, you can tag the alerts that caused the incident. The more alerts you tag, the better Moogsoft AIOps gets at estimating probable root causes.

Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine provides an intuitive user interface to create custom logic for event, alert and situation processing. It comes with out-of-the-box workflows to automate your operations.

Situation Room

In the Situation Room, everyone solving an incident can virtually meet to collaborate and communicate, sharing and accessing all necessary information, helping to slash MTTR.

There are two ways to buy Moogsoft:

Moogsoft Enterprise

The bigger your business, the more data there is to process, and the more flexibility and power your teams require to manage it. Moogsoft Enterprise integrates with your current tools and systems to dramatically save time and operational expenses.

Moogsoft Express

Our newest offering, Moogsoft Express, is built for growing and cloud-based businesses that need to get up to speed quickly and economically.


We already integrate with most of your favorite tools, if not all

Either as inbound data sources for significance identification, correlation, causality, or additional context to your situation room, or through actionable outbound data we produce to keep your systems in sync and the right people engaged.
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A complete platform for automating all critical dimensions of AIOps

Ingestion at Scale

Moogsoft ingests and normalizes the billions of log events, metrics, traces and alerts all your existing monitoring tools produce, while applying AI & machine learning, all in real-time.


As your data is being ingested at scale, Moogsoft is calculating which events are significant and relevant, separating the signal from the noise, so you can spend your time wisely on actionable events.


Patented AI & machine learning algorithms continue to evaluate the relevant and significant events to correlate them based on discovered patterns and commonalities, providing you with a group of related events for full context.


With significant and relevant events correlated, algorithms begin to identify impact and probable root cause events, based on "what if" experiments on the discovered patterns, guiding you to the best starting point for your troubleshooting.


With Moogsoft's patented Situation Room you have deep contextual insights, allowing you to collaborate with your peers and subject matter experts to identify and resolve incidents before they impact business services, while also providing resolution and causality feedback for future incidents.


Moogsoft integrates with the tools and infrastructure you’ve invested in over the years and adds a critical and vital layer of intelligence, combined with a flexible and extensible Workflow Engine to customize your workflows. You will simultaneously keep all relevant systems and staff informed and solve IT problems faster.


Our exclusive Situation Room pinpoints critical incidents

No more need for war rooms. With Moogsoft Enterprise, now all your teams and tools are literally on the same page, working together in our Situation Room. We only elevate situations of importance to the digital health of your business, increasing collaboration and teamwork and recycling the knowledge to reduce future remediation times.


Our AI algorithms for correlation of events are patented—no one else has them

We apply AI & machine learning algorithms to your log, metric, trace and alert data, resulting in less noise and effective correlation of actionable alerts, reducing the number of incident tickets created and delivering deep contextual insights that enable teams to solve IT problems faster than those relying on rules-based approaches.

Noise Reduction

Moogsoft’s noise reduction algorithms calculate which events are significant and relevant, in real-time, separating the signal from noise, so you can spend your time wisely on actionable events.



Moogsoft’s correlation algorithms evaluate the relevant and significant events to discover textual and temporal similarities while also looking for topological commonalities, providing you with related events correlated together for full context.





Moogsoft’s causality algorithms identify critical nodes in your topologies to assess and understand the impacts while also establishing the events with the highest probability to be the root cause, guiding you to the best starting point for your troubleshooting.

Probable Root Cause



Moogsoft’s Similar Situation algorithms compare current and past situations, assigning each one a similarity percentage, so you can view and apply captured knowledge and resolution steps to solve IT problems faster. You’ll also identify recurring problems, providing you the proactive insight you need to prevent business services from being impacted.

Similar Situations

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