Moogsoft Express (beta)
Don't let IT complexity throw a wrench into your code factory
DevOps teams power development and delivery of the cloud apps that digitally transform your organization. Moogsoft Express is the IT monitoring solution they need to maintain visibility and control, deploy software quickly and continuously, and give your business agility and flexibility to innovate and succeed.

Critical solutions for your business

Eliminate alert

Reduce your operations costs while improving service quality, performance and collaboration.

Increase team

Simplify your operations across the service chain and significantly reduce MTTD, MTTA, and MTTR.

See what you've been missing

Get more done in DevOps with real-time insights from apps, services and infrastructure within a single console. Reduce alerts by up to 99%.

Express lets you start seeing results rapidly


Via its Collector feature and API functionality, Express collects metrics, logs, and alerts from many sources. The data can come from individual systems or from repositories.


After determining which data to monitor, the Collector processes it to detect anomalies. In the Collector, Express learns the normal behavior of metrics and generates alerts when they fall outside these thresholds. This is done at the edge, close to where digital services produce data.


Easy-to-create outbound webhooks allow straightforward integration with external ticketing systems and other tools. You can also easily forward information on correlated incidents or their underlying alerts and validate proper operation through a simple user interface.


Log events, metrics, and alerts are dynamically correlated into a single Incident, regardless of the number or type of systems generating the information.

Unified View

Express can correlate relevant activity and enrich it with other data sources to provide a comprehensive global view of what’s happening in your infrastructure and applications.

Easy Deployment

Moogsoft Express is delivered as a SaaS application, providing a simple, flexible and convenient deployment, along with all the other benefits of the cloud model.

Give your data new dimensions

Express automatically learns the normal behavior of your metrics, and then flags anomalies as they occur. Snapshots of anomalous activity are available within each incident involving metrics, and live updating, interactive graphs are easy to inspect and manipulate within the powerful Express metrics interface.

Ingest data from every source

Express aggregates metrics and events across your full DevOps stack, with or without outside tools. Get full visibility into your applications in order to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize their performance across all your systems.
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“We installed Moogsoft Express and connected it to our IT infrastructure and our eyes were opened to a whole new world of metrics to monitor. The Collector seems to do automatic detection splendidly providing data and alerts that are far superior than any siloed infrastructure monitoring tools we've used in the past.”
A leading provider of digital health solutions and an Express beta customer, Oct 2019
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