Moogsoft Finds IT Incidents Earlier As They Unfold

  • See thousands of outages that legacy systems miss

  • Detect problems 12 hours earlier than legacy systems

  • Diagnose faster – cluster 300 diagnostic threads into 1

  • Orchestrate better – increase support staff productivity 10x

We invented Netcool.
And we're reshaping the landscape again.

If your business depends on the availability of your IT applications, infrastructure and services, Moogsoft understands your world.

We're a next-generation Manager of Managers software service that identifies service-impacting situations faster to deliver dramatic improvements in IT service quality.

Our unique patent-pending technologies - machine learning and social collaboration - are creating a powerful ITOM-ITSM synergy that no legacy system can match.

It’s time to replace your legacy approach to event management and incident response.
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