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Product Update: Private Teams

Here at Moogsoft, we’re constantly releasing new features and enhancements to help the ITOps and DevOps communities detect and resolve IT incidents faster and more effectively.

In the case of Service Providers (Service Integration, Network, and Cloud), customer data can be sensitive. Different operations teams typically support unique tenants, guests and customers, but if these […]

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Is Collaborative ITSM Possible? Is it Really Necessary? Why You Should Care.

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Alerts! My Key Take-Aways from Monitorama 2015 PDX

I finally got a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts about the recent Monitorama 2015 event that took place in Portland. It was a great couple of days, with a host of fascinating and often entertaining talks by folks deeply imbued in the day-to-day struggles of monitoring rapidly evolving infrastructures.

I was given the […]

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It’s Time for a Little Chat About ChatOps

If you’re currently following (or implementing) DevOps concepts for your organization, you’ve likely come across the growing notion of ChatOps. For those unfamiliar, ChatOps is a term first coined by GitHub that refers to making tools accessible through chat clients. Most of the discussion has been focused around ChatOps as a tool for automating the […]

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What’s in Store for IT Operations Management in 2015?

Gartner recently detailed their new year’s predictions around IT Operations Management in a published research report entitled, “Predicts 2015: IT Operations Management”.

The four overarching call-outs in this report were:

By 2018, controlled shadow IT will contribute up to 30% of IT operations activities, up from 15% in 2014.
By 2017, 25% of I&O organizations will […]

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