Moogsoft AIOps and IBM Netcool

Build For Tomorrow on What Worked for You Yesterday

Maximize Your Netcool Investment

Founded by the original team behind what is now Netcool, Moogsoft AIOps is uniquely positioned to streamline legacy processes, and maximize your Netcool investment. The sophisticated noise reduction, real-time algorithmic alert clustering, and modern social collaboration technology built in to Moogsoft AIOps can provide immediate relief to the stress that can come with being a Netcool administrator.


Extend Your Existing Netcool Capabilities

IBM Netcool Operations Insight integrates operations management across applications and infrastructure, spanning compute, network, and storage. By adding Moogsoft AIOps on top of the IBM Netcool suite, operators gain access to patented next-generation algorithmic noise reduction, event correlation across data sources, and intelligent collaboration capabilities. The results include significant reductions in MTTD and MTTR, as well as reduced maintenance effort on IBM NOI itself.

No More Rules

One of the most important benefits of layering Moogsoft AIOps on top of IBM NOI is a significant reduction in the need to build and maintain rules, filters, and models — or even the complete elimination of that task.
Moogsoft’s patented noise reduction technology immediately enables Netcool Ops teams to see only what is important to them, so they can find and fix issues faster than ever before, without requiring training on historical data. The Algorithmic Clustering Engine (ACE) in AIOps can then infer relationships between alerts across entire production environments, without requiring creation or maintenance of extensive service models.

Success Story: Telco
Moogsoft detected issues up to 10 hours earlier by correlating across different Netcool instances, with 99.7% noise reduction, no service-affecting incidents missed, and without requiring a CMDB.
Major European Telco

How Moogsoft AIOps Helps Netcool Users

Improve Operational Efficiency

Combine Netcool event data with information from other sources across your environment, and apply algorithmic real-time and historical analysis to eliminate noise, correlate related events, and facilitate collaboration across IT teams.

Accelerate Problem Resolution

Enable collaboration across silos through Intelligent Teaming, and support real-time diagnosis and resolution through a flexible and powerful ChatOps tool. Identify relevant historical experience through Algorithmic Knowledge Capture, and display it in context to deliver actionable insights. Leverage machine learning to flag Probable Root Cause events, and enable operators to zoom in on the quickest solution to a problem.

Maximize Operator Effectiveness

Pattern detection algorithms provide early warnings of any problems, without the distraction of irrelevant and non-actionable alerts. Proactive notifications inform service owners of any issues, while historical knowledge and machine learning helps them focus on the most relevant information.

Increase Agility in Delivering Services

Integrate directly with change and release management systems to gain real-time visibility into Agile and DevOps activities. Automatically identify impacts of service and infrastructure changes as they are made, and alert operators so that they can act quickly to mitigate or resolve any undesired consequences.


How does this help me build and maintain the correlation rules required to keep up with the changes to my infrastructure?

Moogsoft AIOps works without business logic or rules, does not require a historic behavior model, and understands infrastructure changes without reconfiguration.

I am always struggling to find the right balance between drowning in a sea of red, or over-filtering and missing key pieces of information. How will Moogsoft help me make that determination?

Don’t filter! Simply send ALL of your operational data to Moogsoft AIOps and let the algorithms do the rest. Moogsoft AIOps allows you to loosen your constraints to achieve a more complete view of your production stack. Through a combination of deduplication, blacklisting, and entropy calculation, Moogsoft AIOps reduces operational noise by up to 99%, taking the load off operators and letting them focus on what really matters.

Can Moogsoft help me deal with repeat and duplicate issues?

Moogsoft AIOps automatically detects anomalies in real time, and correlates events and alerts from across your application, network, and infrastructure into actionable Situations. Each Situation contains all the relevant alerts, effectively containing what would otherwise have become duplicated tickets. Instead of wasting time working in parallel, operators can collaborate to resolve issues faster.

Moogsoft AIOps automatically captures that communication between operators in the Situation Room, and will notify users when a Situation with a significant degree of similarity occurs, so they can refer back to how the previous Situation was resolved.