Rackspace Technology Announces Moogsoft AIOps Platform Integration into Rackspace Fabric

SAN ANTONIO – August 18, 2020 – Rackspace Technology™ (NASDAQ: RXT) announced today the latest release of Rackspace Fabric™ now includes the Moogsoft AIOps Platform, which applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to log, metric, trace and alert data to help resolve IT incidents faster and more effectively. The integration into Rackspace Fabric means Rackspace customers will experience increased uptime and fewer incident alerts by utilizing machine learning to solve IT problems.

Rackspace Fabric is a comprehensive platform that provides a unified approach to administrative tasks across multicloud environments. Many companies struggle to manage complex cloud environments with disjointed authentication systems, unreliable support, and disparate management capabilities. Rackspace Fabric simplifies the administration of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and VMware environments by providing consistent administrative and support capabilities across these technologies.

Rackspace Fabric provides common billing, governance, support, monitoring, incident and change management services while still embracing the distinctive features of each cloud. Processing over a billion automated actions per month, Rackspace Fabric delivers a faster, more consistent approach to consuming and managing cloud resources from multiple providers, enabling customers to realize the transformational capabilities of the cloud much faster.

“Rackspace Fabric takes everything we’ve learned over the last 20 years about operating mission critical applications, combines it with the latest cloud technologies, and weaves it all together into one platform — one fabric — which we use as the foundation for our service delivery,” said Tolga Tarhan, Chief Technology Officer at Rackspace Technology. “The integration of Moogsoft AIOps incorporates comprehensive AI and ML capabilities enabling cross-services visibility to enhance incident response and increase uptime across our customers’ cloud environments. As these cloud environments become increasingly self-healing, the pace of innovation increases, and customers are freed to focus more resources to build and deliver more quickly for their end-users.”

“Digital transformation introduces unprecedented scale and complexity as organizations deploy new services into multicloud environments, and this requires the assistance of AI and ML to complement IT operations’ capacity to innovate,” said Moogsoft Founder and CEO Phil Tee. “This is precisely what Rackspace Technology has done by integrating Moogsoft AIOps into Rackspace Fabric. With AIOps, Rackspace Technology customers can focus more of their time on developing the digital services that drive today’s business, and less on fixing them.”