Moogsoft Pushes the Bounds of AIOps With New Features and Integrations

SAN FRANCISCO — April 5, 2022 –Moogsoft, the AIOps pioneer and leader, today announced new product features and enhancements that expand integration capabilities, improve the user experience, and provide customers with actionable insights within days of implementation.

More than half (54%) of CIOs found a skills shortage to be the largest hindrance to AI solution implementation, according to Gartner. Moogsoft enhanced its user experience to close this skills gap and make AIOps solutions applicable to ITOps, SREs, DevOps and Application Teams.

Moogsoft celebrates 10 years in business this quarter, marking a decade of work that has resulted in the company leading AIOps into the mainstream technology category. In addition to significant company and customer growth, Moogsoft platform enhancements solidify the company as an industry leader and innovator.

“Customers are moving fast as they adapt to the new digital world. But we know that this introduces complexity when you have a mixture of old and new. This is why Moogsoft provides a domain-agnostic AIOps platform that helps keep strategic transformation initiatives on track with minimal disruption to the organization.” said John Haley, VP of product and market strategy.

The latest feature benefits and enhancements include:

Enhancements to service collaboration

  • Insights dashboard: Insights, the newest analytics and reporting dashboard, gives users a high-level view of the incident management lifecycle through historical data and business services trends.
  • Advanced ServiceNow integration: Improved usability with ServiceNow through advanced bi-directional capabilities, maintenance windows and related CIs.

User experience enhancements and automation

  • Webhook enhancements: Amplified customization for incident API’s by linking to webhooks to further automate workflow and outbound integration.
  • Improved filters for incidents and alerts: Grid Filtering improves the UI by allowing views based on a user’s priorities, from application management to incident severity.
  • Single Sign-On: Improved configuration of Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication for users outside of central IT teams to DevOps and SRE teams.
  • New user onboarding improvements: To quickly show Moogsoft’s value to new users, an updated, intuitive flow is presented for ingesting data and turning alerts into actionable insights.

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