Moogsoft Express Launches as an All-in-One AIOps and Observability Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 29, 2019 – Moogsoft, a pioneer and leading provider of artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), announced today at its annual user conference the launch of Moogsoft Express, a new AIOps Cloud offering with native observability capabilities that helps DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) teams deliver continuous service assurance throughout the continuous integration/continuous delivery cycle. 

Similar to its flagship offering, Moogsoft Enterprise, Moogsoft Express is built on Moogsoft’s industry-leading AIOps platform. This SaaS solution features intelligent noise-reduction, alert correlation, and native observability capabilities, including metrics collection and anomaly detection. It also offers out-of-the-box workflows and integrations with notification and alerting tools, helping DevOps teams resolve incidents quicker and meet service level agreements (SLAs) with their customers.

Available now in beta, organizations can signup for free cloud trial here.

“With the rise of DevOps and the continuous movement of applications to the cloud, SRE teams are struggling with siloed monitoring tools that don’t connect together well and don’t help them detect incidents that could impact the availability and reliability of their applications,” said Phil Tee, CEO of Moogsoft. “With Moogsoft Express, we give everyone access to our industry-leading AIOps platform so they can correlate events, metrics and logs from cloud environments and get visibility into all activity via one unified view. This will help SRE teams detect incidents faster, meet SLAs, and thrive in their DevOps journey.”

“As DevOps teams embrace new technologies, they often suffer from a lack of visibility into operations that makes it difficult to address performance problems when they occur,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst at 451 Research. “To solve this challenge they need easy-to-use tools that collect data across their complex, dynamic application environments and quickly extract intelligence to enable the repair of performance issues before they impact end users.” 

Moogsoft Express is ideal for DevOps teams and SREs dealing with the operational complexity that results from innovations such as serverless computing, containers, IoT and microservices. Agile, continuous delivery of new software and services requires an AIOps solution that unifies incident, fault, metric and log data, and offers full correlation and visibility across all of them. It is also ideal for customers that will be building out their monitoring tools and infrastructure, actively seeking a unified monitoring solution across many systems and applications. Moogsoft Express easily integrates out-of-the-box with many popular DevOps tools, such as AWS Cloudwatch, Slack and PagerDuty.

Moogsoft Express has been designed to address common challenges such as alert overload, cloud application monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, and DevOps toolchain monitoring. 

Moogsoft Express has an extensive feature set, including:

  • A deployable Collector which performs real-time analysis at the source of metric data, and simple APIs to ingest metrics, events, and alerts from monitoring tools such as AWS Cloudwatch, and from systems such as Linux servers and Kubernetes clusters
  • Automated application of statistical calculations and noise-reduction algorithms applied to the metric data, making Moogsoft Express a true observability solution that can detect anomalies using learned adaptive thresholds
  • Automated analysis of anomalies and events to filter out irrelevant events and data, resulting in contextually relevant alerts
  • Robust correlation algorithms enabling like-for-like correlation across all alert types,  resulting in meaningful and actionable incidents
  • An enriched incident view, with contextual information and visual charts, providing comprehensive insights into all infrastructure and applications
  • Powerful AIOps capabilities grounded in the more than 50 patented AI and machine learning algorithms that Moogsoft has developed since its founding
  • Flexible licensing, so your deployment can easily grow with your business as its needs expand to require advanced collaboration, customization, and other enterprise capabilities

Moogsoft is showcasing Moogsoft Express and the launch of its open beta program at the annual Moogsoft User Conference, currently being held in Chicago on October 29-30. For more details, visit:

Availability of Moogsoft Express Beta: SRE teams and DevOps organizations can sign up for the free beta here. Beta customers will receive full service and support during the beta period.

This screenshot shows the main incident view, specifically the alerts that have been correlated into an incident and the associated metrics and anomalies that generated the alerts. This view shows the unification of metric observability and AIOps!