Moogsoft Doubles Down on Growth, Achieves Stand-Alone Status

SAN FRANCISCO — May 5, 2021 — Moogsoft, the AI-driven observability leader, today announced significant milestones as it continues to pioneer the intelligent observability and AIOps market. Milestones include 100% QoQ growth in its customer base, record expansion within its existing customer base and 105% net dollar retention rate, alongside the company now being fully funded.

In a busy quarter, Moogsoft strengthened the team with the addition of Minami Coirin Rojas as VP of Growth, closed $20 million in funding, and doubled the sales team. Moogsoft has also made significant advancements to its market-leading product with the introduction of its self-service capabilities and free tier for companies just getting started with intelligent observability. The momentum points to the acceleration of Moogsoft’s engagement with the marketplace and adoption to a product-led, high-velocity frictionless model.

“I’ve never felt more confident in where our company stands today,” said Phil Tee, CEO and founder of Moogsoft. “Since our shift to a completely self-service model — which is incredibly unique to the market — we’ve seen demand skyrocket. We are acquiring customers faster than ever before and have reached record expansion within our existing customer base, leading to our best ARR yet. And we’re just getting started.”

“Moogsoft continues to prove its value and dedication to the AIOps and observability community and has momentum to back it up,” said Jason Kreuziger, Managing Director in Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, which is an investor in the company, and member of the Moogsoft Board of Directors. “The company has rapidly evolved under Phil’s leadership to meet market demands, and I know they aren’t letting up anytime soon.”

As Moogsoft reshapes its team to support product-led growth, Rojas joins as VP of Growth to continue the acceleration of market momentum as she oversees long-term product, sales, customer and marketing strategies across all channels. Prior to Moogsoft, Rojas served as Director, Global Online Sales at PagerDuty and held various positions at Google.

“I’m inspired by the work the Moogsoft team is putting in to be a true market leader and educator for our customers at every level within their organization,” said Rojas. “Phil’s leadership and energy is contagious, and I feel very fortunate to be coming in at such a pivotal moment in the company.”

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