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#1 Upgrade Path from Netcool

Considering Replacing Netcool?

Founded by the original team behind what is now Netcool, Moogsoft AIOps is uniquely positioned to streamline legacy processes, and maximize your Netcool investment. The AI noise reduction, real-time AIOps natural language processing alert correlation and UI driven enrichment, workflow, integration, collaboration and workflow built into Moogsoft enables the Netcool administrator to focus their time on the interesting work of outbound automation, rather than maintaining and creating thousands existing and new filtering rules. Unlike IBM’s Netcool upgrade, Moogsoft gives you a faster time to value, a lower TCO and much more interesting work.

Netcool was arguably the single best platform for operations management until the advent of virtualized networks and compute, and agile. It was designed for the era where single faults caused impact, networks were less tolerant of failures, and changes were planned over months, not days and hours.

The core value proposition behind Netcool was in its automatic deduplication of repeating events into single alerts. Everything else (custom noise filtering rules, custom correlation rules, custom enrichment rules, custom outbound workflow rules, represents an administration resource tax. And those rules which are created to filter, model and correlate behavior, even in IBM’s nearly new ‘Splunk Like’ NOI, all require constant maintenance.

Netcool Omnibus and Watson based NOI lack the ability to enable its customers maintain noise reduction and incident correlation at the rate modern businesses demand in order to guarantee continuous assurance and efficient support of modern Applications and Infrastructure.

Why Partner with Moogsoft

  • The founding team behind Moogsoft were the founding team who invented Netcool
  • Moogsoft has more experience in replacing (and augmenting) Netcool than any other company, including IBM
  • Moogsoft understands that replacing Netcool is not an over-night one-for-one action. It’s a project which needs care and attention by people who understand why deployment decisions were made by the Netcool teams, how to migrate and adopt to an agile platform in the shortest time with the lowest inertia.
  • Moogsoft is the natural successor to Netcool, where Netcool was designed to support the proliferation of Open Systems
  • Moogsoft is designed to lower the costs of and accelerate the frequency of the agile transformation to a modular ‘API first’ world

Success Story: Telco

“Moogsoft detected issues up to 10 hours earlier by correlating across different Netcool instances, with 99.7% noise reduction, no service-affecting incidents missed, and without requiring a CMDB. ”

– Major European Telco

Realize the Dream of Goldilocks Monitoring and Predictive Ticketing

Your monitoring is never fixed, right? Am I monitoring too much, am I monitoring too little, i'm creating too many tickets.

Whether you retain Netcool to aggregate the legacy workloads, or completely replace the platform, adopting Moogsoft brings a tangible (at least 3x), return on your investment in the form of operations costs reductions, improved quality of service delivery and, the ability to accelerate your business transformation with a low total cost of ownership.

Even without changing your existing monitoring, Moogsoft will find issues that you were not aware of, and show you the likely causality, even if you are not monitoring the causal platforms. Moogsoft will infer actionable issues earlier, predictively indicating adverse behavior and its impact.

Accelerate Detection, Contextualization, Appropriate Action and Resolution

Moogsoft’s Observability and AIOps platform automatically predictively detects actionable issues for each ITSM / Technology operating group. Moogsoft automates confirmation that the issue is real, saving operator ‘investigation’ time, and contextualizes the operator’s relationship to the issue, indicating causality and blast radius impact. Awareness before the end-users’ and customers’ inbound calls enables operations to reduce the risk of, and avert real business impact. A side benefit is the elimination of resource and MTTR costs of P1 and P2 incident ‘all-hands’ war rooms.

Maximize Operator Effectiveness

Since Moogsoft’s agile AIOps platform gives earlier warning of service affecting issues without the need to train models’ and ‘re-train models’ or, create and maintain RegEx rules, ensures that the platform sustainably has the lowest total cost of ownership of any Single Pane of Glass and Event Correlation platform. The Incident detection correlation has the highest level of reduction in the industry, reducing spam tickets and duplicate operations workload. Moogsoft’s patented AI ensures that the unknown unknowns are surfaced and, that known knowns are never missed. Moogsoft’s Incident contextualization means that your L0 or L1 operators will action and resolve a higher percentage of (a much reduced set of) incidents, without the need to escalate or reassign them, reducing not only the MTTR (and corresponding business impact) but also the number of resources involved. No Data Scientists necessary because Moogsoft has embedded the Data Scientist into the platform, so that Operators can maintain the platform.

Increase Agility in Delivering Services

Integrate directly with change and release management systems to gain real-time visibility into Agile and DevOps activities. Automatically identify impacts of service and infrastructure changes as they are made, and alert operators so that they can act quickly to mitigate or resolve any undesired consequences.

Ready to see Moogsoft in Action?

Get started today with a guided demo of Moogsoft AIOps – a next generation approach to IT Operations and Event Management. Driven by real-time data science, Incident. MOOG helps IT Operations and Development teams detect anomalies across your production stack of applications, infrastructure and monitoring tools all under a single pane of glass.

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Dell Technologies acquires Moogsoft August 11th 2023
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