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Empower your DevOps teams with AIOps: Slash outages, accelerate MTTR, meet SLAs, and provide continuous service assurance to transform your digital business.

AWS reInvent

Why Observability Requires the Marriage of AI, Metrics & Logs

SREs must knit together disparate platforms to build an “observable” stack for earlier detection of service issues. In this special session with Moogsoft CEO Phil Tee, we’ll demonstrate a novel alternative that combines metrics, logs, and alerts into a comprehensive AIOps approach.

Thu. Dec. 5 at 1:45 PM
MGM, Grand Ballroom 124

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Watch Live Demos of Moogsoft’s AIOps Technology: Moogsoft Express

Be among the first to see Moogsoft Express in action. This brand new product is the cloud-native AIOps and observability solution for DevOps and SRE teams in cloud-first companies. Express helps you resolve incidents faster. Available completely free for a limited time only for qualified candidates.

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Visit Us in Booth #2216

See for yourself how our Moogsoft AIOps platform helps ITOps and DevOps teams streamline incident resolution, prevent outages and meet SLAs.

Presentations in the Theater

How to reduce MTTR and Increase Productivity of IT Ops and DevOps

Outages lower revenue, repel customers and damage brands. This session explains how Moogsoft AIOps helps IT Ops teams provide continuous assurance of digital services, slash MTTR and boost productivity. In a live demo, you’ll see how our unified platform smashes silos and facilitates cross-team collaboration with its Situation Room, a virtual workspace where experts communicate, visualize and access information, to quickly fix problems.

Mon. 4:30 PM
Tue. Noon
Wed. 10:45 AM; 1:45 PM; 4 PM
Thu. 3:15 PM

Observability needs AIOps - Moogsoft Express

DevOps teams power development and delivery of the cloud apps that digitally transform businesses, giving organizations agility and flexibility to innovate and succeed. In this session, you’ll see a live demo of Moogsoft Express, the cloud-native AIOps solution built for DevOps and SRE teams to maintain visibility and control, keep their CI/CD pipelines humming, and avoid outages of the digital services that give their business a competitive edge.

Tue. 11:15 AM
Wed. 11:30 AM; 2:30 PM
Thu. 11:30 AM; 2:30 PM

5 Dimensions of AIOps - Live Demo

AIOps offers full visibility into the state and performance of business-critical IT systems, and allows IT Ops and DevOps teams to prevent outages and provide digital service assurance. To fulfill that promise, AIOps must feature five types of algorithms: data set selection, pattern discovery, inference, communication and automation. In this session, each one of these five algorithmic dimensions of AIOps will be explained with the aid of a live demo.

Mon. 5:30 PM
Tue. 12:45 PM
Wed. 12:15 PM; 3:15 PM; 5:30 PM
Thu. 12:15 PM

Customer Presentations

Hear directly from our customers how they’re using AIOps to tame the complexity of their modern IT environments, streamline and automate event management, prevent outages and provide continuous assurance of their critical digital services. They’ll share valuable best practices and lessons learned, and candidly answer your questions.

Tue. 1:30 PM
Wed. 1:45 PM
Thu. 10:45 AM

3 to 5 PM, Tue, Dec. 3

Book Signing with Flynn Coleman

Flynn Coleman, an international human rights attorney, will speak at our booth about her new book “A Human Algorithm: How Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Who We Are,” described by its publisher Counterpoint Press as “a groundbreaking narrative on the urgency of ethically designed AI and a guidebook to reimagining life in the era of intelligent technology.” Coleman will also answer questions from the audience and sign copies of her book.


Demo/Training Schedule

4:30 AM – 5:15 PM

How to reduce MTTR and Increase Productivity of IT Ops and DevOps

5:30 AM – 6:15 PM

5 Dimensions of AIOps – Live Demo

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