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We are a group of experienced technologists who are passionate about helping the world’s top enterprises solve the biggest problems that are impacting their customers’ digital experience.

At Moogsoft, we celebrate each and every person’s unique brilliance, and work in ways that allow individuals to come together to make massive impacts. If you are the type to “dream bigger” and are excited by transforming huge ideas into cutting-edge technologies, then we’d love to hear from you.

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“I always felt like I was a good programmer, but I learned so many new concepts and techniques, like using virtual machines, vi, and other cool tricks on command line. I’m much more confident in my skills now.”

Kea Tossavainen, Data Science Intern

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Meet the Herd

Executive Team

Phil Tee
Phil’s passion has been IT operational management ever since he co-founded OTT (better known as Micromuse). Having also invented Netcool and built RiverSoft to a successful IPO, Phil now leads the next big revolution in IT event management with Moogsoft, where he maintains a passionate commitment to innovation, including personally leading the company’s numerous product functions.
Mike Silvey
An expert in IT operational management and technology commercialization, Mike launched SunNet Manager in the UK for Sun Microsystems before founding an open systems service management business at Micromuse where he brought several innovative service management tools into the European market (such as Remedy) and established key OEM relationships (Cisco, HP, Intel) that led to successful IPOs for both Micromuse and RiverSoft. Today, Mike is focused on and scaling Moogsoft by overseeing strategic business relationships with key partners around the globe.
Greg LeNeveu
Greg is passionate about building and growing businesses - from start-ups to M&A based organizations. Having succeeded across a diverse set of solution and industry verticals (including OSS/BSS, financial and customer analytics and other enterprise software/solutions consulting verticals), Greg most recently served as TEOCO’s Head of Americas, doubling all new sales within the first 12 months of joining. Currently, Greg is responsible for leading Moogsoft’s global business growth by helping the world’s top companies revolutionize their approach to IT operational management.
Jason Heine
As Director of Finance for AppDynamics, Jason was instrumental in raising capital in excess of $150M, while building and scaling finance and administration operations. Previously, Jason served as Director of Finance for and Zimbra where he played an integral role in their successful sales to Citrix Systems and Yahoo! At Moogosft, Jason brings extensive financial management and leadership experience, developed at some of the world’s leading technology companies - from GE to VMware.

Our Investors

These leading institutions provide us with the financial capital to help make each of our customers extremely successful.

Board of Directors

Phil Tee
Phil Tee’s passion has been IT operational management ever since he co-founded OTT (better known as Micromuse). Phil also invented Netcool and built RiverSoft to a successful IPO. Today, Phil leads the next big revolution in IT event management at Moogsoft, where he serves as Chairman and CEO.
Mike Silvey
Mike Silvey is co-founder of Moogsoft and is an expert in IT operational management and technology commercialization, having launched SunNet Manager in the UK for Sun Microsystems and establishing key OEM relationships (Cisco, HP, Intel) that led to successful IPOs for both Micromuse and RiverSoft.
Andy Brown
Andy Brown currently serves as CEO of Sand Hill East, LLC, which provides strategic management, investment and marketing services to emerging companies. In addition to Moogsoft, Andy also serves as a member of the board of directors of Guidewire, Zscaler.
Nikhil Eapen
Nikhil Eapen is Chief Strategy & Investment Officer, Senior Executive Vice President at ST Telemedia (STT), an active investor in communications, media and technology (CMT) companies across the globe. In this role, Mr Eapen is responsible for new investments in STT’s existing core business areas, as well as new growth areas across the CMT landscape. Nikhil is also responsible for formulating the company's overall strategy, corporate development activities and driving synergies across the Group.
John Walecka
John Walecka is a Partner at Redpoint Ventures where he is very active in investment efforts around companies using big data insights to create new business applications, as well as innovative technologies for building cloud infrastructure and services. In addition to Moogsoft, John serves as a member of the board of directors for Quantifind, Datameer, Lastline Security, InterMolecular and Avnera.
Dan Fishback
Dan Fishback has led several highly successful software startups which specialized in applying analytics to solve complex business problems (including DemandTec, Ariba, Trading Dynamics, Hyperion Software, Arbor Software, and Unisys). In addition to Moogsoft, Dan also serves on the Board of Quantum Retail Technology, Qumu and DemandHope.
Peter Wagner
Peter Wagner is a Founding Partner of Wing. He has led investments in dozens of early stage companies, more than 25 of which have gone on to complete IPOs or successful acquisitions, including Nimble Storage, Fusion-io, Redback Networks, Riverbed, Arrowpoint Communications, Infinera, Peribit, Topspin and Omneon. In addition to Moogsoft, Peter currently works with a private company portfolio that includes Blue Jeans Network, OPOWER, Qwilt, Cumulus Networks, Jut, Platfora, CloudPhysics and Primary Data.
Al-Noor Ramji
Al-Noor Ramji is Managing Director of Northgate Capital, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, where he oversees the firm’s Technology Funds. In addition to his role on the Moogsoft board of directors, Al-Noor also serves as Group Chief Digital Officer for Prudential, where he is responsible for developing and executing an integrated, long-term digital strategy for the company.

Employee Spotlight

Michele de la Menardiere
UI/UX Designer

“Moogsoft is a positive, collaborative, and fun place to work. The team is smart and talented so I am constantly learning and I have the freedom to explore and experiment in order to create innovative, high-quality design solutions.”


Steve Burton
Steve Burton is VP of Product Marketing at Moogsoft. Previously, Steve held executive marketing positions at both Glassdoor and AppDynamics.
Ciaran Byrne
Ciaran Byrne is VP of Product Management at Moogsoft. Previously, Ciaran held various engineering positions at Yahoo, including key properties such as Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Finance.
Dave Casper
Dave Casper is CTO of Americas and VP Global Head of Sales Engineering at Moogsoft. Previously, Dave served as Senior Vice President and Executive Director at several of the world's largest financial institutions, including UBS, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank.
Jamie Dudley
Jamie Dudley is VP of Sales, Americas at Moogsoft. Previously, Jamie held various leadership roles at other high growth companies including ForgeRock, Nimsoft, XMatters, Quest Software, and Peregrine Systems.
Ken Fuhr
Ken Fuhr is VP of Customer Success at Moogsoft. Previously, Ken held Executive operations and engineering positions for a number of financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch.
Colin Gray
Colin Gray is VP of EMEA Sales at Moogsoft. Previously, Colin established and grew many early stage and high-growth technology businesses in Europe, including Arbor Networks, NetScreen, ChangeBASE (Quest Software), PentaSafe, CipherTrust and BigFix.
Matthew Harper
Matthew Harper is VP of Corporate Marketing at Moogsoft. Previously, Matt held senior leadership roles at Glassdoor, Sony (PlayStation), and EQ Magazine.
Rob Harper
Rob Harper is Chief Scientist at Moogsoft. Previously, Rob was founder and CTO of Jabbit and has held development and architect positions at RiverSoft and Njini.
Stephen Hart
Stephen Hart is CTO of International at Moogsoft. Previously, Stephen co-founded Infrasolve and served as CTO for Innovise and held a variety of technical and IT managerial roles for the BBC, DHL International, and Fujitsu.
Monique Ho
Monique Ho is General Counsel at Moogsoft. Previously, Monique served as counsel and legal advisor roles for Yahoo and Brightroll.
Bob Marshall
Bob Marshall is VP of Engineering at Moogsoft. Previously, Bob has held a variety of executive, general management, consultancy, coaching, systems administration and development roles. He is presently engaged with turning Organizational Psychotherapy into a global discipline.
Sharifa Parker
Sharifa Parker is HR Generalist at Moogsoft. Previously, Sharifa held HR leadership roles at Citigroup and Betfair.
Richard Whitehead
Richard Whitehead is Evangelist-in-Chief at Moogsoft. Previously, Richard was CTO of Clarus Systems, VP Strategic Technologies at Micromuse, and Director of Product Management at EMC SMARTS.
Matt Wilkinson
Matt Wilkinson is Global VP of Technical Services at Moogsoft. Previously, Matt held senior management positions at Subex, Datavail/Stratavia, and Level 3 Communications.