Web Hosting Company Attains Service Assurance and Boosts Its Digital Transformation using AIOps from Moogsoft

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Web Hosting Company Attains Service Assurance and Boosts Its Digital Transformation using AIOps from Moogsoft

After its AWS cloud migration, a Web Hosting Company chose Moogsoft for smarter and more powerful event management and incident prevention


One of the world’s largest domain name registrars has invested in the latest agile data center technologies including the adoption of AWS as its primary infrastructure platform, and needed a next-generation event management solution.

“Legacy event management systems couldn’t accommodate new data sources like AWS.”

– Principal Architect for Monitoring

Key Challenges

Throughout its growth period, the company relied on CA Spectrum, a legacy event management system which could not keep up with the rate of change. This resulted in customers often reporting problems before the company’s operational teams became aware of the issues.

“We came to Moogsoft because we’re experiencing significant business growth and our legacy event management systems couldn’t scale, nor could they accommodate new data sources like AWS,” said Principal Architect for Monitoring. “Moogsoft was initially deployed as a layer on top of these systems, but now it is completely replacing the legacy systems.”

The web hosting company is at the forefront of web-scale operations. The need to innovate and keep up with the pace of change has put pressure on the IT Ops team to maintain high service quality. Given this new era of IT and software, they needed a new service assurance solution that allows its IT Ops and DevOps teams to remain agile.


The company wanted to find a next-generation operations engagement solution that would help their IT Ops and DevOps teams detect problems before customers were affected.

“We were frustrated with what our legacy tools could tell us. We knew we were a step behind when customers started to report some service problems before we were detecting them,” said the Principal Architect.

With Moogsoft, the company clearly sees what incidents are causing service disruption from a sea of events and alerts. It also receives earlier indication of service-affecting incidents, and creates actionable tickets in ServiceNow as incidents start to unfold. That way, its IT Ops and DevOps teams can resolve problems before customers complain.

With their migration to AWS, the company will be able to easily deploy software globally in minutes, accelerating the delivery of their product. Moogsoft will enable its agile transformation, support  its cloud and hybrid applications without needing additional resources, and reduce operational friction.

The company is expecting to see a 50% reduction in MTTR (mean time to resolve) through earlier detection of incidents and fewer support escalations. Moogsoft has seamlessly integrated with their existing monitoring toolset and AWS cloud tools, enabling them to innovate at speed and scale throughout their migration to AWS.



  • Domain Registration/Web Hosting

Key Challenges

  • New technology stacks not being monitored
  • Customers detecting issues before IT
  • Legacy systems not scaling with the rapid growth
  • AWS operations adding silos of support

Moogsoft Benefits

  • The company stays agile throughout migration
  • Teams and resources remain stable as events increase
  • Customer help desk calls fall 66%
  • Workloads cut by 99%

Monitoring/Support Ecosystems

  • AWS CloudWatch
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • Splunk
  • ServiceNow
  • New Relic
  • Elastic
  • CA Spectrum
  • SevOne
  • ManageEngine
  • Sensu
  • Microsoft SCOM

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