HCL reduces MTTR by 33% for Hybrid Cloud Managed Service Assurance using AIOps from Moogsoft

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HCL reduces MTTR by 33% for Hybrid Cloud Managed Service Assurance using AIOps from Moogsoft

The combined AI technologies from Moogsoft and HCL empower customers to digitally transform while maintaining operational control of their agile DevOps processes


Global MSP leader HCL Technologies provides continuous service assurance through its DRYICE iAssure platform to large enterprises migrating  to hybrid cloud, CI/CD (continuous integration / Continuous Deployment) environments.

“Moogsoft’s machine learning and socialized workflows are the future of service assurance.”

– Kalyan Kumar B., CTO, HCL Technologies

Key Challenges

Traditional ‘detect and resolve’ approaches to service-affecting issues have relied upon a manual ‘catch and dispatch’ workflow. In that model, operators receive and assign alerts to domain experts via their legacy event-management dashboards. But as the complexity of IT environments increases, solutions that use rule-based filtering and correlation, or historic modeling can’t keep up with change. As a result, operators are overwhelmed with alert fatigue and lack of context.

“The move to agile and cloud increases the raw events and log rates exponentially, overwhelming operational support staff,” says Kaylan Kumar B, CTO of HCL Technologies.

The massive amount of constantly changing event data that results from cloud migrations delays service restoration and slows down the adoption of cloud infrastructures like AWS.

“Moogsoft and HCL’s DRYICE iAssure Platform reduce the costs of operations and increase the frequency of DevOps CI/CD,” he said.

Navin Sabharwal, Fellow & Chief Architect at HCL Technologies adds: “To keep up with the volume of events, to automate the ‘catch and dispatch’ without any limitation of rules, and to push-notify the right domain experts for collaboration and faster remediation, AI and social collaboration became a top priority for us.”


In the evaluation, the Moogsoft platform enabled:

  • Faster and simpler migration to agile, without increasing resources
  • Ease of integration with the existing monitoring and ITSM tools
  • Quality of event correlation across multiple toolsets, both in the cloud and on-premises
  • 85% reduction from events to unique alerts, and clustered alerts to incidents

Today, Moogsoft ingests event feeds from 30+ different tools across the on premises and cloud platforms of HCL’s managed customers. Moogsoft, integrated with HCL’s DRYICE iAssure Platform, has helped reduce help desk tickets by 62%, along with a 33% reduction in MTTR (mean time to restore).

The DRYICE iAssure Platform has transformed HCL’s customers from reactive to proactive incident management by offering more infrastructure visibility and averting issues which would previously have impacted services.

With the help of Moogsoft, HCL is able to support its customers’ transition to agile business practices without increasing HCL’s costs of operations. Moogsoft has allowed HCL to reach the full potential of its advanced DRYICE iAssure Platform.



  • Managed IT Services

Key Challenges

  • High hybrid cloud operations costs
  • Operational noise, alert fatigue and change frequency
  • Longer root cause analysis 
  • Service restoration delays
  • Thousands of tickets per month

Business Impact

  • Reduced customer CI/CD agility 
  • Lower productivity across DevOps teams
  • Customer impact from outages

Moogsoft Benefits

  • Continuous assurance for customers’ hybrid operations and CI/CD processes
  • Seamless cloud migrations 
  • 62% reduction in tickets
  • 33% reduction in MTTR

Monitoring Ecosystems

  • AWS Cloudwatch
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • ServiceNow
  • AppDynamics
  • Solarwinds
  • SCOM
  • HP SIM
  • HP OVO
  • ScienceLogic
  • JIRA
  • DryICE Automation
  • Dynatrace

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