Monthly Moo Update | March 2021
Adam Frank | April 9, 2021

Monthly highlights from the world of Moogsoft Observability.

Monthly highlights from the world of Moogsoft Observability.

Here we are a full quarter into 2021, a year that took off in a huge way for us, and the momentum continues to grow strong. March was a monumental month, and now it’s a wrap. We released significant updates across the board in almost all areas of Moogsoft, including pushing innovation to newfound levels when it comes to the ease of integrating your metric and event data. Simplicity and the user experience continue to be at the forefront of everything we release with new and improved navigation, making it even easier to get to the screen you need to. And, who doesn’t love something for free?

Everyone Loves Something for Free

Here at Moogsoft, it’s part of our mission to help free up your time so you can stay focused on the tasks you need to stay focused on. Really get into the uninterrupted groove to develop more and push the boundaries of innovation for you and your business. So, we released a free forever version of Moogsoft with unparalleled capability, allowing you to take advantage of all the features Moogsoft has to offer and grow at your own pace. Alongside the free addition is our incredibly affordable Team offering extending the capabilities so you and your team get the benefits of less operating and more time in your day. 

What you get:

  • Free forever!
  • Anomaly Detection
  • 1 Correlation Configuration
  • Up to 5k Events per month
  • Up to 500k Metrics per month
  • Up to 3 Users

Oh and Enterprises, don’t worry, we’re still here for you like you have been for us over the years.


Moogsoft Observability Tiers


New Features

Create Your Own Integration 

We know there are thousands of integration points out there in the world of observability and AIOps. That’s why we created the easiest approach in the industry to integrating your data. With our Create Your Own Integration feature you can integrate any event or metric source you need. With this latest update, we provided you the capability to integrate payloads that include multiple events within them. Prometheus Alert Manager and Telegraf are great examples of some payloads that contain multiple events in a single payload. Now, with a click of a button and a simple drop-down you’re on your way.


Create Your Own Integration



It sounds silly to say, but the navigation should be obvious and easy to use. Far too often this is something that’s overlooked with products and what you’re really after is buried in a menu somewhere. Well, not with Moogsoft. Our navigation is incredibly slick and easy to use, allowing you to hover, or expand for as long as you’d like. Each area has been carefully designed to get you there in a single click, while also providing some insights into the flow of data through the platform and how things are connected.




Azure Insights

For all your Microsoft Azure users we’ve got you covered. Visualizations and dashboards are great, but really understanding if something is an issue helps you resolve the issue quickly and prevent it from happening again. We now ingest all your metric data from Azure App Insights to perform automatic anomaly detection, surfacing events that you can action. The setup is incredibly simple, just add your App ID and your API Key, and away you go.


Azure Insights


Auto Close

How many times have you resolved an issue and forgot to close out the incident? We’re here to make your life easy, remember. Auto Close is a configurable setting that will automatically close any alerts and or incidents when they meet the time and criteria you set. When you fix that nagging issue and the clear event comes through, or the metric falls back into the normal bounds, the alert severity will automatically move to ‘clear’ and the status to ‘resolved’. Once all the alerts are resolved and the time has reached your configured time, the alerts and incidents will automatically close. This saves you yet one more step so you can continue working on what matters most.


Auto Close


Moogsoft in the News

Read all about it! Here’s the scoop! Whatever the tag line you like to use. Moogsoft continued to make positive waves in the press in the month of March.

Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming virtual events.

The Road Ahead

We’re excited to announce all the goodness continuing to come from Moogsoft. After all, we know you want to be vibing and developing more, or perhaps spending more time with your family, either way, we want you to operate less. 

One thing is for sure, April showers certainly bring May flowers and that won’t be all that’s coming this spring!

Keep an eye out for:

  • Additional mapping options while ‘Creating Your Own Integration’
  • Search & Filter Enhancements
  • Advanced SSO Configuration
  • An all-new metrics UI
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