Monthly Moo | March 2022
John Haley | March 3, 2022


What a start to 2022 has been for us all. We are incredibly proud of the continuous innovation, velocity and delivery of new features and functionality. We’ve heard success story after success story from our brilliant customers, each unique in their own way and continue to collaborate with them on our roadmap.

So, this March update is for you and a massive thank you. We couldn’t do it without you, and it’s been our honor to be part of your success. But, we are nowhere near finished with innovating and delivering value, so check out the new features and enhancements below!

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New Features & Enhancements


Insights is a new reporting and analytics dashboard that provides greater visibility into the incident management lifecycle. At a glance, you can see historical data and review trends across your business services.  Stay tuned to see continual developments as new reports are created. Read more on our insights summary page.


ServiceNow Bi-directional Enhancements

The new ServiceNow integration takes usability to the next level. Over the many years working with customers, this new version adds advanced bi-directional capabilities along with maintenance windows and affecting CIs. The implementation could not be more straightforward.  Upload the ServiceNow Update Set, edit a small number of values in Moogsoft Properties, and you are done - the rest of the setup process is automated.  Customers can choose to work out of their preferred console, and Moogsoft makes it seamless across both user interfaces.


Webhook Enhancements

Simplify your processes by automating more steps using the new customization options and the Incident’s API to link incidents to use a webhook’s automation.  Outbound webhook updates keep the tools synchronized with the latest alert or incident information.  There are several enhancements that expand the eco-system to which the outbound webhook applies.  At Moogsoft we provide workflow automation and outbound integration in one simple, configurable UI interface.


Search and Filter for Incidents & Alerts

In an ongoing effort to make Moogsoft more intuitive and self-servicing, we’ve added more enhancements to the UI. Grid Filtering is one area that makes it easy for users to dynamically build filtered views. Whether your interests lie around your application, the severity of an incident, or a combination of multiple areas, you can now build your filtered view to suit the purpose.


Single Sign-On

Many customers use Azure Active Directory for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. This feature makes it easy for customers to configure Azure AD to work with Moogsoft SSO.  Many customers have expressed interest to use this feature in order to expand the use of Moogsoft beyond central IT to their DevOps and SRE teams.

Onboarding experience enhancements

New users to Moogsoft realize value very quickly, and we continue to innovate and improve the onboarding experience.  Available today, new users are guided through a very intuitive flow to ingest data, and automatically correlate these alerts into insightful and actionable incidents.  All within minutes!

New Moog, New Product Names

Since we released our SaaS Moogsoft product in 2020, we’ve been working with our existing customers to help simplify and provide clarity around the different Moogsoft offerings. We are pleased to announce the official changes to our product naming:

  • Moogsoft Onprem (Formerly known as Moogsoft AIOps or Moogsoft Enterprise)
  • Moogsoft Hosted (Same as above that are hosted on AWS)
  • Moogsoft Cloud (Formerly known as MOC, our cloud-native SaaS platform)

These changes are already reflected in our support systems so please take care in choosing the correct product when creating tickets or enhancement requests. Any questions - please reach out to your Moogsoft representative!

Moogsoft in the News

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Upcoming Events

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming webinars and events.

Monthly Moo Lunch and Learn - March 8th | 9am PST | 12pm EST

Hear from John Haley, VP Product & Market Strategy as he walks through these recent product announcements live using the Moogsoft Cloud platform.  This will be interactive and informative, a session you should not miss. Register now to join us live!

The Road Ahead

Here we are at the beginning of 2022 and what a year it’s shaping up to be. We’ve got a ton of goodness coming this year and we encourage you to stay tuned to your monthly moo for more exciting updates.

Our passion for our customers and our vision to bring continuous availability to the software-defined world, is exciting as we progress throughout 2022, and we want you to come along for the ride! 

Stay tuned for updates:

  • Custom Profiles and Groups
  • Correlation Preview
  • Advanced Correlation Algorithms
Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Moogsoft delivers the most advanced cloud-native, self-service platform for software engineers, developers and operators to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong and fix things faster.
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