Episode 2: Mooving to Remix: Code You Will be Happy With
Moogsoft Team | January 25, 2022

Episode 2 of Mooving to… dives into a new tool called Remix, a framework to help create front-end code, you’ll love. This episode focuses on a new web framework that helps streamline your processes and eliminate downtime to the best of your ability. Thom Duran and Andrew Leonard of Moogsoft are joined by Kent C. Dodds, Director of Developer Experience at Remix.

Listen as Kent and the Moogsoft team discuss what to expect migrating to Remix, what are some of the challenges you’ll face along the way, and more.

Watch the full episode here.

What is Remix?

Remix is a web framework that enables you to build an amazing user experience for the web and feel good about the code when you’re done. It blends the DX and UX – often dubbed a center-stack framework.

What are some benefits of using Remix?

Continually building and learning new skills is essential to staying sharp in the world of developers. One benefit of Remix is that a lot of what you're learning is transferable knowledge. For example, you know how to deploy a cloud for workers, or you know how to deploy a long-running node process or a server list function. Remix is heavily built on the web platform as well, and so lots of the APIs that you're using are web-standard API's. So if you want to learn about the request response API and Remix, you're going to the Mozilla developer network, instead of some Remix docs page.

You don't have to have a long-running node process or use server lists, you can use COM for workers or conflict pages.

As a new tool available in your toolkit, Remix will likely ensure deploy times are quicker, response times are quicker, and it keeps the web alive longer and keeps people using it longer. The user experience in app, once it's hydrated or even if it hasn't been able to hydrate, Remix can give you a superior experience in those situations too.

A real-life example of not guarding against downtime, but being more on the offensive and planning for the least amount of customer-friction, is with Conflare. Conflare’s network is within 50 milliseconds of 95% of the Internet connected world. 50 milliseconds is pretty fast, and they're 20 milliseconds from 80% of the Internet connected world, so you can have your server running on something close to the user, and then you can make your server respond in 10 milliseconds. We're talking sub-hundred millisecond responses. There are Remix Apps that are responding that fast, full surrender fully dynamic with the user data in there.

Like Moogsoft, Remix provides developers with a better user experience while optimizing workflows.

To learn more about Remix, visit the website. Or reach out to Kent directly at Kent C Dodds.com.

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