Announcing Moogsoft AIOps v6.1.0 (ESR5), Now Available!
Ciaran Byrne | June 6, 2017

Moogsoft AIOps v6.1.0 includes upgrades that help simplify and streamline end-user & team management, and system interaction.

Moogsoft AIOps v6.1.0 includes upgrades that help simplify and streamline end-user & team management, and system interaction.

The Moogsoft engineering team has been hard at work developing a new release — Moogsoft AIOps 6.1.0 (ESR5) — which adds a number of improvements and fixes.

This release been subjected to an extended QA cycle involving regression, performance, stability, and extended browser support testing to ensure the product is as performant, stable, and bug-free as possible.

If you’re curious about what we’ve been working on since the last time we announced an update, you can visit our support site to get complete details, as well as information on all of our recent releases.


The highlights of Moogsoft AIOps v6.1.0 (ESR5) include:

  • Support for SAML2.0: Enables an enterprise to use standard identify providers for user authentication and setup in Moogsoft AIOps, simplifying the login process for end users.
  • Extended Options for Team Administration: new API methods to create & manage teams & team membership, enabling synchronization with existing systems.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Additional Information

For more information refer to the Release Notes & Install Instructions.

At Moogsoft, we strive to offer the highest level of support and service to our customers. If at any time you have any questions or problems, please visit and contact us at, and one of our lead Technical Bovines will be ready to assist you!!

Moogsoft is a pioneer and leading provider of AIOps solutions that help IT teams work faster and smarter. With patented AI analyzing billions of events daily across the world’s most complex IT environments, the Moogsoft AIOps Platform helps the world’s top enterprises avoid outages, automate service assurance, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.
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