A tutorial for IT Operations teams who want to automate incident management through the application of machine learning technologies.

Monitoring everything only works if you can analyze everything, but today, IT Operations doesn’t and can’t. No human or team of humans can analyze the millions of metrics, alerts and events that are being collected by the hundreds of tools watching production. Worse still, most monitoring tools today do not analyze everything.

Simply put, machine learning algorithms can analyze in milliseconds what takes humans days. This evolution of automation now makes it possible for IT operations to monitor and analyze everything in pretty much real-time.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • What is machine learning in the world of IT operational analytics (ITOA)
  • Why different approaches are needed depending on your IT environment
  • Where machine learning is being used in the real-world to reduce impact of production incidents
  • How to prioritize machine learning implementation for your 2016 IT transformation plans

How to Reduce Production Incidents and Outages with Machine Learning

A webinar hosted by DevOps.com

Date: 11 February 2016

Time:  09:00 PST San Francisco/ 12:00 EST New York / 17:00 GMT London


  • Alan Shimel (host), Editor-in-Chief – DevOps.com
  • Steve Burton (panelist), VP Product Marketing – Moogsoft
  • Richard Whitehead (panelist), Chief Evangelist – Moogsoft

Sponsored by Moogsoft – the leader in Unified Event Analytics for IT.

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