Back in 2012 when Mike Silvey and I founded Moogsoft, the company occupied one table in a local Kebab shop with big ideas and an appetite to match. A few years later – and thanks to the backing of our investors – we are now 80-ish people spread across the globe from London to San Francisco to Singapore. It’s breathtaking to witness the pace of growth at Moogsoft not slacken for an instant, and exhilarating to think that so much of what we planned back then has come to pass.

Fast forward to 2016. The challenges we all face in this industry remain undiminished, and against a backdrop of more uncertainty than we’ve become used to in the macro economy. That is why the urgency to innovate at Moogsoft is more evident than ever before. In particular, we are investing in new algorithms, new UI technology and have transformed the product from an on premise only solution into a true hybrid SaaS/on-premise offering. As more and more companies are discovering, we can offer both compelling cost savings, along with opportunities to deliver higher quality services more rapidly to their customers. Whether your strategic priorities are cost efficiencies or more revenue driven, at Moogsoft, we strongly believe that we can help.

Building a company from the ground up is never easy, but the experience is one that I personally cherish. Not only do you have the thrill of breaking new ground and seeing what’s possible with a different technological approach, you also get the satisfaction of watching people grow personally. Finally, we like to keep the experience fun at Moogsoft, and those of you that know the company well can agree that we challenge both in the operations of your business and on the foosball table. If you feel like testing either claim, let us know!!!




You can now view the entire recording of our latest webinar we hosted this month with DevOps.com, which focused on how to reduce production outages and incidents with machine learning.



Incident.MOOG 5.1.1. is now available. Major new capabilities include:

A – Situation and alert column management via the UI
B – Licensing for Incident.MOOG
C – Nagios LAM to increase the speed of deployment of Incident.MOOG
D – Clickable custom info links on alerts



Contact us to receive more details on these important enhancements, or click below to receive a special trial to demo our Incident.MOOG product.



Moogsoft’s real-time ITOA can now be integrated with your ELK Stack implementation. Add machine learning analytics, situation-based contextualization and collaboration to the application and IT monitoring data in your Elastic data-store. Click below to receive our latest Partner Solution Note, “Intro to Moogsoft’s Integration with the Elastic ELK Stack.”



The Moogsoft team participates in the industry’s top events happening around the globe, meeting IT leaders like you to discuss top digital initiatives and innovative solutions. Catch us live at these upcoming events. Pre-schedule a meeting with our executives.

MPLS+SDN+NFV World Paris 2016 – Paris, France, March 8-11: The first worldwide event in the MPLS, SDN & NFV area. We have a few free passes left; book a meeting with us and note if you need one.

SREcon16 – Santa Clara, CA, USA, April 7-8: A conference focused on site reliability and production systems at scale.

DevOps Days London 16 – London, UK April 19-20: An event dedicated to the rise of DevOps in the Enterprise, with specific reference to the financial services industry.



Getting Above Vendor Proliferation in IT Monitoring. The number of IT monitoring tools continues to proliferate in 2016. Such vendor proliferation is a common trend across a growing variety of B2B software functions, and software vendors that focus on making it easier to integrate, aggregate, and contextualize all of the resulting data are creating huge value for enterprises. Moogsoft’s Product Marketing Manager, Sahil Khanna, explains how Moogsoft’s “Single Pane of Glass” solution improves the value of different toolsets by taking a machine learning approach.

Situational Awareness Across Dynatrace APM Platform. Dynatrace is a leading APM solution set, used by IT Ops and Dev teams, along with other vendor tools, to monitor their applications. Yet how can IT teams correlate all the tool data and reduce the noise to find anomalies faster? Moogsoft’s Product Marketing Manager, Sahil Khanna, explains how leading enterprises have chosen to use Moogsoft to correlate alerts across Dynatrace toolsets to gain 360-degree situational awareness of their applications, network and infrastructure.

Machine Learning for IT Ops Webinar Recap. Moogsoft leads the IT monitoring industry in its application of multi-modal, machine learning technology. To help clarify what machine learning is and isn’t, we co-hosted a webinar in February with DevOps.com to detail how this technology is being applied by IT Ops and DevOps teams to reduce production incidents and outages. You can view the entire webinar recording and SlideShare presentation here, along with the webinar’s transcribed Q&A section.



A Hybrid Cloud approach is gaining popularity across a larger variety of enterprise organizations. Yet while combos of public and private cloud are adopted, IT leaders are confronting challenges brought on by this approach. In this article featured on Network Computing, Moogsoft’s VP of Worldwide Technical Services, John Villasenor, outlines best practices for addressing three key challenges with moving to Hybrid Cloud.

In the new “agile” era, ITSM approaches for incident management have become too rigid, often consuming too much time and manual effort for too little benefit. This is further complicated by the rate of change of today’s IT configuration. Moogsoft’s CTO, Stephen Hart, explains how machine learning and social collaborative technologies are being applied to solve this problem, making ITSM more nimble and adaptable.

A new survey on IT monitoring reveals that APM is really just one class of monitoring tool that enterprises use to ensure application availability and performance. In addition, the majority of enterprises still lack a single pane-of-glass for visibility across their entire production stack. Moogsoft’s Product Marketing Manager, Sahil Khanna, analyzes the survey’s key findings in this article featured on APMDigest.

A new breed of ‘data-first’ tools could soon dominate the enterprise. We are about to witness an upheaval in the enterprise software market that will put billions of dollars of IT spending up for grabs. Venture capitalist and Moogsoft investor, Peter Wagner details in a VentureBeat article, the emerging impact of applications that are “data first”, putting data and algorithms at the center, and using them to drive other applications.



Moogsoft is pioneering the new era of IT with cross-domain operational analytics to detect and resolve incidents faster. Now, IT Ops, DevOps, and Dev/QA teams can work better together, using Moogsoft’s real-time data intelligence to deliver continuous availability of applications, clouds, and infrastructure at scale. Start your demo trial today!